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Ghosts... sightings... presences... photographic anomalies... possesion... Was it more than just a dream ? ... Out of body experiences... astral planing... near death experiences... Prophecies... Premonitions... UFO's ... sightings... contact... abductions... Natural and Unexplained ... Powers of the mind..... psychic abilities... telepathy... spiritual healing... Coincidences...  chance?...   fate?...   luck?...   synchronicity?... Reincarnation...  memories of past lives...   glimpses of future lives... Other weird stuff.... an area for stories that don't quite sit in any of our categories... Join us today...  tell us your stories...  search for accounts that match your own...
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Phenomena log has been created to provide a searchable log of the many thousands of weird or unexplained experiences that happen to us every day.
Phenomena log is the only site which enables you to search other people’s experiences by location, date, or type of event using the search box at the top right of the page. 

Using the Experiences tab at the top of the page and its drop down menu, you can scroll through all the stories under various category headings.
Tell us your story today.
Give as much specific information as you can to allow others to find your story and compare.

It seems that nearly every one has a story of a spooky coincidence, or ghostly phenomena, or other weird experience that has happened to them. Paranormal events. These are events inconsistent with the laws of physics. Even those with little time for the spiritual or the extra-terrestrial seem to have a tale once you get them on the subject.
If you have a weird or unsettling experience you don’t have to feel alone or isolated or indeed to question your sanity. Strange things happen more often than you might imagine.
Upload your story today and see if any one else has shared your experience.

Phenomenalog.com    Everyone has a story.

Paranormal Experiences. Ghosts, poltergeists, apartitions, possession, mediums, presences, photographic anomalies. Ufos, abductions, sightings, photo curiosities. More than a dream. Coincidences. Prophecies or premonitions. Out of body experiences, near death, astral planing. Reincarnation. Powers of the mind. Natural yet unexplained, and other weird stuff.