Holiday Inn Truders UFO In More Than A Dream? January 1970

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Holiday Inn-Truders

We stayed at a Holiday Inn in Phoenix. We were there for my daughter's gymnastics meet.
We did not embibe in any alcoholic spirits this night (someone asked me this once).
Around 4 am, we were both awake. Wide awake.
Mike went to the bathroom, and I was waiting for him to return. I was definitely NOT asleep.
I turned over towards the window, and there were 2 'beings' next to the bed.
They were all black.....I think with white eyes. Their skin was textured. They were not identical.
One was definitely different than the other.
I turned over quickly and I tried to yell, but was so scared I was only squeaking.
They moved right next to me, and one put his arm under me and around my side.
I tried to yell again, but again could only squeak....just louder.
I thought it was my imagination. I just kept telling myself there was really nothing there....but didn't really believe that.
Nothing moved for like 30 seconds, so I moved my other hand to the place where the 'beings' hand had been, to prove that it was just my imagination.
It was still there. I could feel the texture of the skin and the mass of a hand.
I then screamed for my husband. This scared me to death!! ......but he was 'occupied' in the bathroom.
I jumped up from bed, and the beings were gone.
My husband came out. He had heard the whole thing. I told him my story.
I didn't tell anyone else for at least 6 months.

I searched the internet for similar stories, but found none. I went to a TAPS event in Westfield, and talked to Steve Gonsalves and asked him if there was some sort of database where haunted locations are posted, and he recommended I look at There was nothing listed.

About 3 years ago, I was back in Phoenix. I searched out the hotel, with my husband and best friend along for the ride.
They waited in the car outside while I went in to ask the desk clerk if they had any similar stories or stories of hauntings, but he said he never heard anything like that, but he had only been working there for 6 months or so. I left if there......I gave up.

One day I plan to return to that hotel, stay in one of the ground floor rooms (I don't remember the room number but I know it was a ground floor room) and see if I can get some answers.



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Sounds very real the way you explain it i would be interested in the texture of the skin too or how it felt when being touched by the aliens this is rare event actually touching an alien this is the first time i have heard of this!!And i have read a lot about the subject,You didn`t say if you were leaving the motel or went back to bed to sleep?You did say you were on the ground floor,perhaps they came from underground,i have heard of undergrouds bases an tunnels leading to different places they used,,I am glad your husband came out before they finished,or you might not have remembered the encounter,they seem to be able to supress peoples memories,and you wakeup confused not sure what has happen,this happenes a majority of the time,in relation to last year there has benn a rise in this type of abduction or examaination,quite intriging,if you did go back to sleep they might have returned and you just don`t remember,because your memories have been suppressed,i haven`t heard of anyone being harmed in anyway mostly you feel invaded without your knowlege,which is like rape,scars your mind more than a phyical abuse!Don`t let this scare you but from what i have read they take small amounts of tissue or eggs or embryo`s,some cases they have implanted eggs and wait a while and come back for the embryo`s,they say maybe they are colecting these for what reason????A very interesting experence!Let us know if anthing else occurs,hope this helps,Don`t worry though if they were going to harm you they would have allready,i am sure you are safe!!! Goodluck!

Posted : Thu 31 Jan 2013 19:19
Your account is scary to say the least! Wouldn't it be interesting if the TAPS gang encountered an entity of an extra-terrestrial nature somewhere during their travels? What was the "texture" of their skin? How were (they) different of themselves?

Posted : Fri 1 Apr 2011 19:32
Wow... what an experience. We hope you have some better luck finding more similar experiences now that this site is here. Good luck. Phenomena log.

Posted : Fri 18 Feb 2011 18:11
This experience occurred on the Fri 18 Feb 2011 00:00
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This experience has occurred only once.
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