First OBE / Astral Projection Was A Fluke More Than A Dream? Out Of Body Experiences In Burlington, Canada January 1970

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First OBE / Astral Projection Was A Fluke

This takes place on the north western shore of Lake Ontario, at what was a small the town of Burlington, Ontario. That was when Lake Ontario and Lake Erie in particular and the other Great Lakes to a somewhat lesser extent, were so polluted that you could just about dig holes in the water's surface. The commercial and sport fisheries were all but a memory and what few salmon & trout still managed to make their way to their spawning grounds were wasting away, half dead, thanks to what had been an out of control infestation of Lamprey. The shorelines were eroding away at an unprecedented rate and the Ministry of Conservation, as it was known in those days, had piled great blocks of limestone all along the shoreline, in an effort to stem the tide so to speak, of the erosion.

The particular section of shoreline that this phenomenal experience is concerned with was backed by a sand cliff some ten meters or thirty feet high. At the base of this, the ground sloped down at a 35 or 40 degree angle, towards the limestone block break wall some 30 or 40 feet away. Thanks to years of neglect, this sloped section of ground was overgrown with tall weeds and scrub brush, bushes and the accumulated, wind blown detritus of human habitation. I suppose it would be considered an eye-sore to anyone cruising by, close to shore, in their cabin cruiser but, to me it was a great place to sit and chill out, away from traffic and people. I could climb up the slope about halfway between the limestone breakwater and the cliff and there, I could sit surrounded by scrub brush and tall weeds. I could see but not be seen by anyone who should happen by.

As I sat there, enjoying the mid afternoon sunshine on my face and listening to the steady rhythm of the waves against the rocks, I must of gone into a trance. My perception of the tiny bit of world that I could see from my vantage point, didn't really change, other than looking a little duller, fuzzier........not quite as bright and sharp as it was when I had arrived there just a few minutes earlier. The birds seemed to disappear, no longer flitting about in the underbrush, no longer twittering or singing their cacophony of early summer songs. The light breeze off the lake also seemed to diminish. Everything seemed to turn deathly quiet, with the exception of a faint, annoying buzzing sound that seemed to originate far off in the distance across the water.

I have no concept of the passage of time at this point. The only thing that I was really aware of was that pulsing buzz from miles away, or was it just in my head? As I sat there, the world no longer mattered. There was only my little window of it that existed and......and that damned annoying buzz that I'm sure was gaining in intensity. My thoughts were centered around what could be causing it, where it could of originated from, why it was dominating my senses and why did it appear to be coming this way?

Nothing else seemed to matter. The buzzing was getting louder...., like a great tidal wave rolling towards me but from where? Across the lake? The rough brownish water appeared to calm with it's passing. Closer and closer that buzzing vibration came, gaining in intensity, until it finally reached the shoreline. The limestone blocks dissolving as it passed over (through?) them. And still, the buzzing didn't stop. Now, sounding like a hive of very angry bees, it continued on up the slope, dissolving, vaporizing, everything in it's path, speeding on up to where I sat. All the weeds, scrub brush and bushes disappeared as the now seemingly visible sound wave advanced. I watched, helpless to move, as my own feet and then my legs turned to dust before my eyes. The screaming buzz now sounding more like a dentist's drill was all around me, moving beyond me.

As the last of me disappeared, I sensed more than heard.... had that screaming buzz changed in tone? Yes! It's advancement appeared to of halted. As I looked around from somewhere above, all that remained of the land and break wall was a barren expanse of grayish-brown dust. During these observations, I noticed more subtle changes to the tone of the sonic wave that had just dissolved me and everything else in it's path. First at a standstill, a steady, persistent pitch..... and now, had the tone of the pitch lowered? It was as if the sonic wave had halted it's advance and had now begun to recede.

I continued to observe, from everywhere all at once, as the wave of sound flowed back down the embankment, back towards the water. As the sound-wave receded, I was awestruck by what was taking place. Where there once had been weeds, scrub brush, wild bushes and bits of wind-blown litter strewn about, then replaced by the barren looking dusty expanse, there was now the makings of a beautiful wild garden. As the buzzing receded back down the slope, lush green grass and multi-colored wild flowers appeared all along it's trailing edge. At the base of the embankment, in place of the rough and tumble limestone break wall, there appeared a pristine sandy beach. The scene brought about childish mental images of the biblical Garden of Eden. The birds had returned but, instead of the usual scattering of sparrows, starlings and a colony of bank swallows zipping about, there were instead a dozen or so species of magnificently colored birds of paradise and songbirds of every description. The one thing that made me feel a little uneasy was the fact that nowhere on the slope of the embankment, did I reappear.

It was too much to take in. It was all I could do to maintain my position, floating some fifteen or twenty feet above the spot where I had originally settled down to contemplate the destructive ways of the world. I could feel myself being pulled away, to where, I didn't know, nor did I care. I just wanted to stay where I was, enjoying the wondrous spectacle as it was spreading out before me.

The continued retreating of the buzzing sound, now almost reduced to a low thrumming drone, drew my attention once more. It was amazing to watch. As it receded back across the almost toxic lake, the once brown, choppy water was turning a crystal blue-green as that inexplicable sound retreated over it. All of this adding to the illusion of my magical paradise.

The world as I now observed it was devoid of all human habitation. My entire being was now flooded with love, awe and questions...... "Was I now part of the Creator?" "Was I simply some astral being, there solely to witness and document His works? His cleaning up after His careless children?" Or was I merely experiencing this phenomenon in order to understand that it was not yet too late to repair.......reverse the mess we were making of our environment?

I'll never know if there was an ultimate plan to this still wondrous episode for at that moment, my world came crashing down. There I was, back on the ground, sitting amongst the tall weeds and scrub brush and litter. To my dismay, apart from everything looking a little "off", somewhat "sepia toned", everything appeared as it had been before that incessant buzzing began. Looking at my watch, I was surprised to see that almost three hours had passed in what I swear could of been no more than five or ten minutes.

I sat there for maybe another half hour, gathering my wits as best I could before making my way back home. Going over the events of the afternoon kept me awake for most of that night. I know that I hadn't consumed any intoxicating or hallucinogenic substances. At the time, all I could logically put down as the probable cause of those events is that I must of fallen asleep and experienced the most vivid, wondrous dream that I've ever had but now, I see it as probably either an OBE, or a spiritual awakening. I have however, lived my life promoting the essence of the often over commercialized "Peace, Love & Understanding".

Any thoughts?



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i have read many odd stories, but yours is weird, i suggest you learn to protect your self, and learn to talk in your head, we are not alone, establish a connection to those who are with you, this can take 28 days or seconds.
if you learn remote viewing (try the internet) you can project your essence into what you cannot see, another thing, try closing your eyelids, but leave your eyes open, if you watch closely (hopefully in the dark), you will see either those who are with you, (as they pass close by to you), or energy passing you and moving in you perfioral vision, please learn to protect your self, there is more in heaven and earth than you could ever envision. regards rhuben, ps how do you now feel? have you altered in any way?

Posted : Wed 30 Mar 2011 10:25
This experience occurred on the Sat 07 May 1966 00:00
This experience lasted between 2 and 4 hours
This experience has occurred only once.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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