Moon Anomaly Photographic Anomalies Other Weird Stuff... March 2011

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Moon Anomaly

I have used Google Earth photos extensively, but found that 90 per cent of these photos regarding the Moon is not up to scratch. Most photos from NASA ie the Moon are of poor quality, and never in HD.
Using Google Earth allows a little bit of movement across the surface of the Moon, and if you allow it to settle, you may just find what you are looking for. Many area's are covered or smudged by NASA, to prevent viewing. There is more to the Moon than is given credit.
By viewing it note the depth of all the craters. almost all are the same depth. Look in the shadow area's for ruins and buildings. Sometimes the smudging was not done very well !
The photo shown starts at Aridaeus Rima to Ariadaeus 118 km
Then past Silderchiag 43 km onto Rima Huginus 195 km
Then Hyginus 242 km past Marco Polo 618 km and onto Mare Vaporum.
This is almost like a highway and may just be a road system, and cannot be a water Chanel or could it ? Perhaps under Plexi Glass ? NASA ensured we cannot see it up close !
Try using your Google Earth, wait for the Photo area you are looking at to sink and settle. This is one way to prevent you from looking carefully at things. It looks like nothing till you wait for the photo.
I have found some very demanding and weird anomaly,buildings and Ruins.
Keep watching this space for more!


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I have thousands and thousands of maps topography infa red etc of the moon .dds and .dbf plus hundreds of .kml`s,most are not for searching buindings etc,i have hundreds of colored mineral maps of the moon for geology,water,atmosphere content maybe this is partialy what they mean when they say they released 4000 pics.

Posted : Sun 3 Feb 2013 21:59
This video over France in paris, if real is one of the clearest UFOs i have ever seen!!

Ovnis en Francia sobre Paris 2010

Posted : Tue 29 Jan 2013 23:40
There is a video on the internet called The Real Moon,excelent,a compulation of all the abnormaities on the moon,very good!

Posted : Tue 29 Jan 2013 23:28
Very concise information!Thankyou!

Posted : Tue 29 Jan 2013 20:50
There was a video here called Moon Rising,ihe best i have ever seen,but now it is a snowy video this video doucumentry is a must see ,Myself i have downloaded here they let you download it for free and it is copy righted,but if you just link to there page,then it is ok to display on your web site,its like advertiseing for them,i have the link on my page for awhile an no problems,Again this flim is important the MOON has been colorized even the black an white photos you will be surprised!

Posted : Sun 27 Jan 2013 13:22
HI Commonman,
"New York Times hosts the Article and so called Photos of the Moon and all about Rangers fantastic close ups of the Moon surface !
If that target was correct and 4000 pictures taken, then could we please see some of these photograph's, yes, those very close up very clear, photos ?"

You see Commonman, we have a major problem with these photos. Its old 1964 photos and nothing new !
There are however no Satellites around the Moon, because we will be able t see it with normal Binoculars.
NASA is reluctant to take photos of higher quality, because they have been hiding the truth. Again after 40 years it appears to be easier to send Drones to the Moon thn to fix our Photographic equipment. Which byt the way has nothing wrong with it !
It is justa Mathematical, Scientic way to explain that we require Satellites and so forth to take new photos, and trying to make us think we are stupid !
Bull Dust to NASA and their explanations !
Man, there is something wrong with the picture!

Posted : Tue 26 Apr 2011 13:07
It appears we are to be kept in the dark. Just think what the Religious people would do ?
Jump over cliffs, as there would be nothing to believe in! Not to mention the Scientists? Boy they will have to explain why they were all wrong!

Posted : Tue 26 Apr 2011 12:55
So you are saying there are buildings, ruins, on the Moon? There are a few satellites orbiting the moon right now, why haven't they found any of these? I would like to belive this is true, but I will need more proof.

Posted : Mon 25 Apr 2011 04:04
You would think in this day and age anyone who could afford modern technology would be able to readily examine the lunar surface without relying on those who wish to keep the public in the dark about such things. One never knows just who is standing in front of them at the supermarket.

Posted : Fri 1 Apr 2011 20:13
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