Beginning of awareness UFO's Abductions In Greensboro, United States of America January 1970

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Beginning of awareness

I had a dream in I believe the winter of 1993/1994 which I couldn't explain. At the time there was a very popular TV show called "Sightings". In early 1994 I decided to write this letter to them which I never sent. In the letter I describe the first of many similar dreams I was to have through the years after. This is a transcript of the letter:

Dear Sirs:

I am not really sure that I could be considered an abductee. I don't have any traumatic reactions to mention of UFO's or aliens. I don't have any scars or strange marks on my body. I can't think of any occurrence of "lost time". I don't think I've ever even seen a UFO.

I've had dreams about them and most of the time the size of the UFO remains constant the closer I get to it. So that when I finally reach it -- it's the size of a Frisbee.

I have had "feelings" that "something" or "someone" was around me when I was asleep. I could swear on certain occasions (but not all the time) that my bed was gently vibrating. I attributed this to electricity running in the house (a refrigerator or water heater) but it seemed strange that it only occurred every great once in a while.

I've had some occasions when I was in that half awake/half asleep state and various things occurred: I felt something breathing close to my neck. I felt a sharp spiny thing on my stomach under the bed covers - I woke with a start and nothing was there. I remember one occasion when I felt a sharp jab in my back which woke me up (could have been a twinge). And I remember last year I had just woke up (in the early hours of the morning) and there was a flashlight shining on me (I had my back to it -- but I know I was awake for a second that it WAS on and then it quickly shut off. Thinking it was a burglar I closed my eyes again and feigned sleep but I didn't hear anything. My bedroom door is always closed and I would have heard someone open it to get out. I heard nothing. I slowly turned and there was no one there.

Some of these (maybe all of them) could be explained as delusions or dreams or natural occurrences (a rat could've been sniffing my neck). And these events are not the whole reason that I'm writing to you. I'm not even sure I need to write to you. But the dream I am about to relate to you is the main reason I'm writing to you.

I myself at first felt it to be just a very interesting dream. And I have lots of interesting dreams ranging from futuristic (a paranoid accident-free society, news about the beginning of the next big war coming over the airwaves: China and Vietnam's dispute over the island of Hainan where some of our troops will supposedly be stationed -- even a hint about the identity of one of the terrorists involved with the World Trade Center bombing -- He's from MAKHAI.

So you can see I do have a very vivid imagination and they fuel my dreams. But I have told this dream to other people and most of them are convinced that it may not have been just a dream:

In the dream I am in what I suppose to be my bedroom. It's layed out like my bedroom at the time but there are differences:

{Sketches of my bedroom and the one in the dream included in the letter here}

In an earlier part of the dream I remember that the view in the daytime out of the picture window(s) was of mountains.

Then I had some other dream that I don't remember and then I went into the following dream:

I'm laying in the bed with my body facing the left side but my head turned slightly to face the right. The room is all dark. Then lights flood into the room presumably from the picture windows but I don't remember for sure where they came from. Next I sense someone has entered into the "kitchen" area. They are not really talking but I sense they are "saying" something and I realize they are not really friends but they are acquaintances and I know they are welcome so I want to yell out to them something like, "I'm in here! Come on in!". But almost in the same instant I feel a very unpleasant, clinical, medical type feeling like my whole body has been shot full of novocaine and I am completely paralyzed, helpless. I can't even talk. I try to but I can only make a kind of whimpering noise.

The light is flooding the room but there is still darkness toward the floor area.

I don't see them come in but now they are here -- 3 or 4 of them -- I forgot exactly how many. They are maybe 4 feet tall. They are standing on the right side of the bed. I can't see the bottom part of them because of the darkness. But I can see the tops of their heads are grey and I think I vaguely saw their eyes. But I don't remember for sure.

They don't touch me and because I am paralyzed I can't feel anything but now my body is sliding across the bed toward them. Then I fall asleep.

I woke up into another dream. I work in an office somewhere. I'm trying to call some woman in Germany. I don't remember what I did there but I kept saying to everyone, "I wish I could remember what happened. I wish I could remember what happened." It so upset me in the dream that I couldn't remember that.

Please keep in mind this dream doesn't upset me. I'm more curious than anything. As far as I know it hasn't affected me. Since I had that dream I've only had a lung infection and a prostate infection -- both checked out and treated successfully by doctors. I did have a sort of depression, sinking kind of feeling -- very low in spirits. That was also explained by my doctors as due to the infection -- I must have had it for some time before that.

I do believe that such things DO happen. I'm not sure if it happened to me. I don't think I'd want to go through an intensive psychiatric evaluation to determine if it was real or not. Hypnotism doesn't sound appealing but there again how foolproof is that -- if at all?

Any advice you have for me would be appreciated. I guess I'd just like to know for sure. Was it a dream or did it really happen?



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Hi Robin

Thanks for your kind words. Most of the experiences are basically over these days. The phenomenon takes on a newer form. Spontaneous languages and abilities to create sounds using my throat muscles. Mostly for my own amusement I guess. Although I guess they could have applications in electronic or experimental music. Kind of like Asian throat singing but closer to a chainsaw or motor sound than I've heard any throat singers do. Closer to free form jazz in my case! lol

Posted : Tue 5 Feb 2013 00:44
I hope your ok,very interesting story,anthing is possiable!

Posted : Mon 4 Feb 2013 20:22
I've had marks on my body too. They are not from sleep paralysis. This is only ONE of the events of my experiences. Yes, if it was just this one time or this one thing I could see your explanation as applying to me. It isn't and so it doesn't.

Posted : Sat 10 Nov 2012 14:51


Hey, I found your story very interesting. Before I go on to tell you some of my experiences, let me first start by saying that the mind of us humans is the most powerful attribute we possess.

Now, I also do believe in other lifeforms beyond that of our planet of earth, so the question of abduction I couldn't answer, because I do not know for sure, but I can answer your question of sleep paralysis.

I suffered very badly from that sensation of waking all too sudden and not being able to move, but completely aware of your surroundings. It used to scare me so bad that I fell further into my illness of insomnia because I was scared to fall under those conditions of not moving and being awake rendered useless by my own mind.

I found this out if it eases you in any way. The more I tried to stay awake meant the more I would fall under the sleep paralysis episodes. I was so worried about that happening that when i did finally begin to lose my battle with sleep I would feel myself slipping into the sleep paralysis state before I even was asleep. In other words, I learned to distinguish what was going on. I could then grasp hold of the situation and tell my body that I was falling into this state and needed to wake up, and surely enough, I regained my connection back to my body from my brain.

Sleep paralysis is like this, you are half asleep and half awake essentially, so your brain still can sum up some pretty evil, scary, hallucinations, because your first thought is that of panic.

I used to think the same thing, that some demon was trying to get a hold of me or some evil entity, but trust me, it's all in your mind. Once I figured out how to control it and not let it scare me anymore, I could then sleep normally.

I mean listen to this, a very small percent of the population suffer from sleep paralysis, and myself even smaller because of how much I get it, but know this, the other day I was just researching about alien greys, other lifeforms, etc, and I fell into a sleep paralysis state, and I saw an alien entity. That alone should let you know that my subconscious mind had the thought of aliens in it, and that is the first thing that came to mind when I had the sleep paralysis episode.

Do I believe that people have been abducted? Yes, of course, but what you're referring to is what I have experienced before, sleep paralysis, and thoughts in your mind that cause you to dream of it.

Posted : Fri 9 Nov 2012 12:23
There is no way I could generalize about the what trillions of other experiencers? I'm not them so I can't say.

Yes the government/military connection with all of this greatly changed my perspective on my own personal experiences.

Posted : Thu 5 May 2011 19:52
So what is your state of mind to all that seems to happen to some others .And if I may ask over time have you changed in your thoughts of the possibility of your at the time thinking abduction.Thank you very much.There is no right or wrong answer to my question nor would I think you are wrong one way or the other.Just curious.:)

Posted : Thu 5 May 2011 14:35
I apologize if I did not make it clear. This is a transcript of a letter I wrote back in 1993/94. It is not representative of my situation or state of mind now.

Posted : Mon 25 Apr 2011 15:39
There are a couple of things that are familiar to me in your storie.Things we both have in common at least in one of the visits.I one night as yourself was sleeping laying on my left side.At one point I opened my eyes and saw the outline of 2 approxiametly 4 foot tall beings.I could not move.I could not even breath .It was like a felt if I took a breath the beings would take me.Nothing made any sense.This lasted about a few minutes.But to tell you the truth.When things are happening as this judgement of time does not exist.And the thing of feeling a pain in you back.Just a few months ago.I woke up to a pain in my back as if a needle had been pushed in my lower spine.I woke up shaking uncontrolable.Thought I was going to die.Following day kept falling to one side a few times.The next night could not move for a few seconds when I woke up could not make a sound or move.It was the worst of experiences ever.I have had many visits and what apear to be abductions.I say apear because the beings put you in a dream state.Just as a doctor does down here when knocking you out for a operation.Only difference is the beings can do it by mental manipulation.It is like a hypnotist.He says words to make you go into a dream state then puts suggestions in your head like stop smoking or talk like chicken when you wake and I say the word bread.Only for the beings they only need to send vibrations to your brain to knock you out.Or make you be sleeping so tight someone could shake you and you would be as if dead to the world.My experiences go back 40 years and I am sure there are many others out there that go back much further then me.And as far as being hypnotized by a human to find out if its a dream or not.Why bother if they say yes you have been abducted that proves nothing.If they say its a dream of a over active imagination it still proves nothing.It is just another humans oppinion.Knowone can prove if someone is abducted.Makes no difference if they have a scar or a implant of unknown substance.I told many people I have met over the years .Some as are called abductees or contactees.Why is it so valuble to you to care if others believe your story about the experiences you have had.Why would you get upset if others think you are making it up.That they are telling you what happens to you during a encounter.Does what they say whether believing you or not make the experience true or not.If you are enjoying the contact as I and many others do who cares what others think one way or the other.You are not alone there are many of us out here.But most do not even go online they have something that makes going on line telling there story nothing compared to what they have with them in there memory.They have already gone on line and had others tell them well in my oppinion what I think is going on is this or that.It gets old after awhile.And they just keep it to themselves.Just as many keep there faith to themselves or there politics or family problems.For the people who enjoy the experience I am happy for you .For the people who do not I hope they will stop .Its kind of selfish.But if you do not want the experience and they stop coming to you.They might just come and spend more time with us the ones who like them. Peace always to you and your family.

Posted : Mon 25 Apr 2011 11:44
This experience occurred on the Mon 15 Nov 1993 00:00
This experience lasted between 5 and 10 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States of America
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