Antarctica Find Could Change the World

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Antarctica Find Could Change the World

Disturbing news has been leaking out from the giant continent at the bottom of the world.

Russian researchers posted near the giant South Pole sub-glacial Lake Vostok have reported eerie anomalies and incidents over the past few years that sometimes seem to border on the frayed edge of creeping madness.

Artificial structure found under two miles of ice

During April 2001 one of the world’s great secrets was revealed: an ancient structure or apparatus that lay encased miles under the hard Antarctic ice was detected by a roving spy satellite. The US military immediately moved to quash the reports and the mainstream news media dutifully complied.

Despite the news blackout, reports still surfaced that a secretive excavation project had commenced on the heels of the discovery. Some European countries formally protested the excavation by the US military.

“If it’s something the US military has constructed down there, then they’re violating the international Antarctic Treaty,” said an aide to Nicole Fontaine, at the time he was the European Parliament’s French president. “If not, then it’s something that’s at least 12,000 years old, which is how long ice has covered Antarctica. That would make it the oldest man-made structure on the planet. The Pentagon should heed the calls of Congress and release whatever it’s hiding.” 

The Entrance of the base 211 is on google earth. Cordinates are:
-66.553217, 99.838294

Thanks to '' The Truth Behind the Scenes "    KENS NOTE:  I reported on this a few years ago and I hope someone is finally going to explore this site.  It is definately man made or possibly alien made. You would be shocked as to what you could find on google earth.







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The places i used to go are still gone thougt!

Posted : Fri 1 Feb 2013 13:18
I Just went to the Cordinates, and they must have updated the map,it is iced over,but the cave is still there,i can`t see the bare rock on top with that lip,very clear picture.

Posted : Fri 1 Feb 2013 13:16
I use google earth pro 7,and does not make any deference,just a fancy clone of 5 an 6,but i keep looking!

Posted : Wed 30 Jan 2013 16:33
I was reading some papers on continental shift go back millions of years,main stream science has documented this the oil companies use the data to find oil,and main stream science does say that the land mass Antartica is on was once free of ice,i would say there are a lot of discoveries to come,i must say the sub zero tempertures do not help,slowing down any advancement in discovery,,i will say that i do believe they have found certain things,but are remaining silent for whatever reason ?Probailty not to upset established thinking,rewriting history books etc etc,and yes i agree Google earth is a fantistic tool,i myself have found very strange odd things that i cant explain,I would advise to find as much information as possable now you are aware google an nasa and the pentigon etc are collaborateing together to smugge airbrush out as much as possabilty that they dont wish you to see,there are many places now that cant be focused in on google,the new roose is protection of ancent underwater civlisations to protect them from theives an treasure hunters,which is ok but they use this as an excuse to airbrush or overlay anything they want,all i can say is find what you can now,they have deacated teams searching just like you!I have seen ranges of mountains in Antartica with signs of building or statues,and now they are gone,basicly cut an pasting with a little air brushing,that simple,or you are just not able to focus in anymore! I here this excuse a thousand times update your maps,yet anyplace like say for instance google map of northern Quebec never need updating clear as a whistle,your photo is increidable,i would like to go an look,if it wasnt sooo cooold! Keep searching,Goodluck

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 18:07
THIS NEWS DOES NOT SURPRISE ME AT ALL; google earth 4.0 when I'd seen plenty inolite-goodness that I saved in jpg-today on the South Pole, with g.e. 6.0 do you see almost nothing.-by

Posted : Fri 23 Sep 2011 20:36
HI Ken,
Good to see something like that! I missed it, and thought it could just be water melting and giving the illusion of a cave entrance. Now you, also say it is something else.
i like the fact that you are also using this Google Earth Tool.
I wonder what they are going to do about this find?

Posted : Thu 5 May 2011 14:36
This experience has occurred only once.
Added : Wed 4 May 2011 20:39
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