Missing Time With My Brother ? Abductions

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Missing Time With My Brother ?

In 1983 my brother decided to go into the Army. He is almost 10 years younger than me .I would not be seeing him, chances are, for a few years. We always got along very well. I taught him Martial Arts and we would hang out on the roof of my house looking at the stars and just talking of life in general and what may be up there in the universe.
I had decided that since this would be the last weekend we would be together that I would cause some excitment. I told my brother that I had some fire crackers, and on that friday night we could go to the end of my road. There was a house for the grounds keeper on this little hill just before you go into Barre Falls Dam. The road in front of the house is just a two lane road. There are no street lights. I said to my brother let's go to the end of the road and lite the whole brick off at once.
A brick for people who do not know is 500 firecrackers. So the weekend came and as I am a kid at heart even today. Maybe that's why I have the contact I do who knows. We waited till it got dark went down the road. I placed the brick in the middle of the road and lit the fuse. The firecrackers were going off like a machine gun.
We ran off the road went over a 2 foot field stone wall. My brother was in front of me. I was right behind him. We then were in this field and running full bore.
We got to a patch of woods that was at the end of the field about 200 feet away. We went over another 2 foot field stone wall and got down. My brother says to me, why were you running so slow? The way he said it was not in a joking manner. I got a little pissed and said what are you talking about if I ran any faster I would of stepped on your foot. After we calmed down a little, here came the cops down the street. We ducked down behind the second wall.
After a few times of the cops driving up and down the road it seemed to be calm enough to go back to my house. Me and my brother stepped over the second wall only to find ourselves over the first wall and now right in the middle of the street were the house was on the hill.

We both panicked and started running so fast towards my house. At one point my brother just stopped dead and started saying, no no what just happened? you need to tell me what just happened. I did not know what to tell him.
It was as if we had never ran threw the field or went over the second wall. I would like to say I do not know if this was missing time. We were not all of a sudden tired or had dosed off, or felt any different at all.

Me and my brother are still close. He is a minister now and a proffesor at the Valley Forge Christian Bible College in PA. The difference between us now is he believes the beings I have come in contact with are up to no good. He does not have expereiences. The only experiences he has had in the past - and there were several - were with me. He believes if the beings wanted to take us why not give us a choice and come to the door in broad day light.
My oppinion is when my mother took me to the doctor to get shots at 2 and 3 years old I had no choice either. Did this mean my mom was up to no good or evil. No it does not.

It may be different because the beings are not our mother or father and so some believe it is kidnapping or molestation of some form. I just look at it different.There are over 6 billion of us living on this planet. If we could take all the knowledge from every human being all 6 billion, put it in a mega computer, we would have all the information known to us today. Now take that computer and ask it .. Is there any form of life that looks human on mars? The answer would be.. not enough information.
So I cannot judge beings who bring us back after a abduction.

I cannot judge beings that in the past I believe have save my life from a fall going backwards off a 60 foot tower head first to the concrete bellow, only to be flipped over at the last second and turned around to land on my feet never falling over and getting a bad sprained ankle when death would have happened. Many people in the past have been saved by what they say were angels from God, or a spirit of the old ones. Just as the bible and old writtings tell us things like a shield of fire from the sky came down. The only thing that is different today then in years past is our words. Say the words ufo 500 years ago. Not one person would understand that word. Can these beings be angels on a level just not as how we have been trainned to think of angels? So for many they are evil in some way. Who knows. I can only speak for myself whether angels or aliens. I am glad to have a form of contact. I am even more glad they bring us back and do not just throw us out in space and just fly off. Its not like they can be caught by our planes. But everyone will and has their oppinions and so it must be. For we are all different. I am going home to see my mom on the 26th of this month. My brother will be coming down to visit. I am looking forward to showing him the 25 pictures I have taken. After our little conversation on the phone the other night, I can here his voice going up in pitch already now. If he gets out of control I do have my line ready. Is this how God and Jesus would want you to talk? Did not God make those beings too? Then I will say does God make mistakes? He will say no. Then I will say so everything is going as planned so be happy. Yes interesting indeed.



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I am sorry but I myself do not believe one word you have written here.Except the words New Word order which I heard for the first time coming out of Bush seniors mouth.Some how people do not want to take responsibilities for there bad deeds .So the devil made me do it.Or now its the aliens fault.It does make it easy for people to point fingers and pass blame on all except themselves.I personally can say myself the beings I am dealing with are much nicer then the people I have met down here.Cheating on there loved ones stealing from people ruining peoples lives killing children.Not aliens humans.And no one to blame but the humans.

Posted : Thu 12 May 2011 13:47
So aliens are bad news for humans and why everything is so screwed up on earth.

Posted : Thu 12 May 2011 06:57
You need to learn about something called the New World Order. You should also read David Icke's Books. They can be gotten thru torrent.

Many different type of aliens have been here for a long time. They have bases all over earth. Humans have been quarantined about their existence by the NWO. One of those aliens are the true rulers of earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

The "God's" or NWO aliens did make you via advanced genetic engineering. Your purpose is to be their slave or higher intelligent livestock. They even wrote the religious texts so you could worship them. They control all the major institutions on earth. My guess is that the ruling aliens are a human looking one like the Tall Whites or maybe Tall Greys who are very militaristic. They plan on depopulating the earth.

You and your brother need to escape the matrix but I don't know if you and him have the mental strength. You both have a huge mountain to climb.

Posted : Thu 12 May 2011 06:55
This experience lasted between 1 and 2 hours
This experience has occurred only once.
Barre Falls, Massachusetts, United States of America
Added : Tue 10 May 2011 14:46
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