Found a barrier to astral travel the other night, quite a shocker Abductions Out Of Body Experiences In Punta Gorda, United States of America May 2011

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Found a barrier to astral travel the other night, quite a shocker

This night was like many here have, dreams of flying, floating and other fun stuff. In my case, I have a history of this out of body experiencing, but of late not often, nor under my own control. Stay with me, for in the end, I was completely dumbfounded and actually was somewhat taken back while out of body.

First I am not good at obe's, but just the same, I am assertive, so I will give a little history of the last year leading up to the other night where I saw the boundaries of our prison. I say that, more as a descriptive metaphor than perhaps reality, for I plan to test it in the future.

In the last two years I have been out of body a number of times, mostly no more than strong dream like states, but then others were far more intense and remembered. Thus I will list a few.

One was being brought up into a flying craft while in this bright light. I was absorbed through it's skin, it's living skin as this craft was as much alive as a construct and communicated with me as an old friend.

In another, my wife and I were on a large construct looking down at a beautiful world together. The trend I am showing here is, I was not the one in control, others were, but the experience was real.

Later, I was taken out and there were at least two others whom I did not see, but knew they were there. They showed me my body and also my light body or soul. Not to worry, the words I received were, "that is a sacred thing", the soul, the glowing light form. These are but a few.

Now to the present. I found myself out of body, bouncing and floating down a street, just having a joyful time, laughing and yelling like a kid. There were others out there wandering around as well, perhaps dreaming, I am not sure. In fact, I was so happy to be out, I yelled too loud and my wife brought me back, afraid I would be fighting off the dark being again. I assured her, I was having a good time and wanted to go back out of body and leave me alone. I suppose my excitement is due to my age and the pain and many injuries that limit me.

Almost immediately, I rose above the body, going up and down and decided to go through the roof and into the sky. Looking down, I could only see muted lights, but then I remember telling myself, it is raining hard, what do you expect. LOL.

At this point I was controlled or attacked for a short time and found myself very high up in complete darkness. This had happened another time when I tried to contact a shadowy being that is messing with my grandson, I found myself in blackness then as well. When we are in this form, we can manifest light and vision and I did this again, and confronted the being that was there. No, I knew of it's presence and it was good at instilling fear, which I feel it uses to control, but I would not give into this. In so many words, I told it to piss off, I was in control of my own destiny and for it to leave, saying this twice and it did.

I looked out for the stars which were there, but not clearly as in the astral level things are distorted and not what they seem. However, I was full of joy again, having a wonderful time, repeating over and over, "I am out, I am free". So I picked a star and decided to go for a visit. I felt a rushing feeling of traveling fast and within a moment, I was brought up short.

This part, I would like to know if others doing OBE's have seen this. I was traveling very fast and before me was this matrix of lights, evenly spaced as far into space as I could see, and I could see a great deal. This grid seemed to support a shimmering field of energy, one that scared the crap out of me, bringing me to a halt, and I yelled what the sh## is this. At the same time, this thought came into my mind from my friend, or guide, not to try and go through the field. I think for purposes of being on this earth, we have fences to keep us on the playground and this is it.

The experience ended there, as my wife was shaking me because I got so excited and loud it scared her, even though I had told her I was going back out of body and to leave me alone.



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Excuse my spelling had to rush threw somthig imporant came up!

Posted : Thu 31 Jan 2013 20:37
Astral or out of body experences i think are real experences i myself have been in deep trances even once in a hospital watching the the Doctor work on me,i believe there are stages or multiple levels of exsitence with pupils an diferent levels of masters these others you speak of are people past gone but have mastered these plains of exsistence,and guide you but their are evil ones with this knowledge too,mostly you are protected from these beings,in our perspective some of these beings are thousands of years old,an don`t need or want to comunacate with us but the ones training or learning to be like them will interact with you,they can appear as any being to you angels aliens demons but they are not it is for your benifit you see what you want to see you believe what you want to believe,what I believe to be beautiful might lok ugly to you vice versa,every living thing is conected like electricity through a mass of wires,you can go anywhere,into space, fly,go back in time or in to the future it depends how powerful or how you have mastered your gift,when people have new ideas are they taping in to that power,when you are born and never learned to play a piano,and can play lie the masters how do you explain, they say genius but some of these people never learned the art to begin with were never trained do they naturaly top in to this sourse of knowlege where did it come from????? We all are surounded by a energy you can actually take a picture of it with a kerlling camera,when you are happy or sad it changes color,if you lose your hand and thae a photo you see the outline of energe still there take a leaf tear it in half take a picture the the outline of the piece you tore of is still there there more than just flesh an blood keeping us together every living thing is connected,chop the earth in half take picture with the kerling camera and the energy will still be there filling in what is missing if though it is GONE!!!

Posted : Thu 31 Jan 2013 20:11
Years ago probably over 20 years ago now.I had experiences of another kind .Lights in the sky lights in my room little ball of light in the room big bright lights going over the trees.All this had my mind going further away of my what is many a normal life down here.The job the money to buy things I wanted and the like.I went to a mall in Burlington Ma.
There was this little hole in the wall store .The store had fotune tellers there in the back.I never was very interested in that.But they had books on pyrimid power crystals witches bibles.And then a section on out of the body astral projections.I was reading one one the casset tapes on astral projection.
One side of the tape was a sublimanal side and the other a person would talk you threw the process.I thought that sounds pretty cool so I bought a tape.I went home and figured I would do as it said.I layed down got comfortable.It had music and the sounds of the ocean.I do not think it took me more then 5 to 10 minutes to go out.At that point I was floating out of my house .
It was as if any small breeze just picked me up.I remember at first thinking I am going higher then I felt comfortable at.
I started reaching for telephone wires.Then in my mind I was thinking wait will I get shooked.So I kept on going.I ended up on the roof of a house.I was then standing on the roof looking down and thinking .
How am I going to get down of this roof.There was place for me to climb down.I then was thinking I had heard that if one was falling down of a cliff in a dream and did not wake up before he hit the ground he would die in his or her sleep.At one point I just jumped off and slowly went to the ground.Then I woke up.When I woke up I did not know if this was the dream or the other was real.I got so hooked on the tape I could not wait to get home and do it again.Every time I would listen to this tape off I went.There was one time.I shook my head woke up in my bed.
But then realized I was still not awake.Shook my head again.Awake in my bed again I thought.I had to shake for the third time before I then knew I was awake.The places I went the things I saw was fantastic.I was hooked.I listened to the tape so many times I wore it out.I went back to the store .The tape by this one person was not there.But there was another one.I went home .This tape sounded wierd to me but under I went .
At that time I was married.And while at the store my then wife bought tara cards.I went under.This time I was laying on a marble white table.There were people around me in robs.There was lights in this place but it was coming from burning torches.All of a sudden there was a man ugly looking man .I could not move.The man then had a blade in his hand.It was coming down to my heart.At the same time .
I had a pet wolf at home.It barked and I woke up sweating.It was aweful.I told my wife what happened.the next day my wife was looking at all her cards.She said oh no I said whats the matter she said I do not want to tell you.I said you cannot just say oh no and now not show me.She showed me a card of the scorpio card which is my sign.
In the picture was the grim reaper with the same blade I had just almost been killed with.I tryed the tape again.Again another terrible experience again.But this time I was climbing on some pipes in some ware house trying to get away from someone above me trying to pour acid on me to burn me.At that point I gave it up.I never could find the tape of the first wonderful tape .
I believe there are some of us who just go with things .Not fight the tape let it happen.See the ships even with others with us and know what it is.Have abductions of beings because we are open to it and enjoy the experience.We are not really afraid of the unknown.I myself many of these experience whether people calling them alien abductions or astral projections is a window that is open to all who let it happen.
We me and you and others are not running for help .We do not think its evil.Not that some experiences are not aweful as some of mine.But for me its not that much different then going fishing in the ocean.
I have been on a boat in the ocean at least 50 times.And only in 3 of those trips did I get ocean sickness.Vomitting and just aweful stomach ache.So in a not so perfect universe should we just complain about the few negative and leave the wonderful experiences out.Not in my world.Just as the mountain climber loves to climb his mountain.Has climbed so many mountains.He then falls to his death.He himself falling down to die.
Is not thinking I wish I had never climbed any mountains at all.No he is just thinking oh crap I screwed up this time.Thanks for your wonderful story.I can relate to it totally.

Posted : Thu 19 May 2011 14:22
This experience occurred on the Sun 15 May 2011 00:00
This experience lasted between 30 minutes and an hour
This experience has occurred only once.
Punta Gorda, Florida, United States of America
Added : Wed 18 May 2011 04:32
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