Unexplained puncture marks on my body UFO's Abductions March 2005

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Unexplained puncture marks on my body

I think this was the Spring of about 2005. I attended a UFO conference in Arkansas for the first time. I rode with a friend. I had not made my reservations early enough to stay at the hotel where the conference was being held. I had to stay in a run-down hotel across the highway from the conference hotel.

The day of the incident I got up that morning in my hotel room. I took a shower and dressed. I do not recall seeing any marks on my body at that time. I believe I would have seen them if they were there when I got up in the morning. I went outside and crossed the highway to go have breakfast at the big hotel with some friends. Sometime after that I walked over to the conference center to see some speakers' presentations there.

It was while I was sitting in the auditorium listening to a presentation that I felt an itching on my upper left thigh. After the presentation was over I talked to some friends and told them I would meet them later at the restaurant when it opened.

I went back across the highway to my hotel to use the bathroom. That is when I noticed the marks on my upper left thigh. They kind of looked like a line of Morse code or something similar to that there on my upper left thigh. I tried to think of a plausible explanation for them being there. I even considered that perhaps my keys had poked through my pants and caused them. This, of course, did not make sense. Why had my keys not punctured my thigh like that when they were in my pocket in the past and there would have been holes inside my pocket if that was the case. Of course, there were no holes in my pants pocket.

I wear contact lenses and it was difficult to see the marks up close to see them more clearly. I decided to wait until it was time to go to bed and I would take out my contacts and put on my glasses. Then I could take off my glasses and get my naked eye right down close to my thigh to view the marks.

So that night I did that. Each one of the marks was basically perfectly circular in shape. If you take a Bic ballpoint pen and remove the ink cartridge you will have a hollow tube with a hole in the end. That hole is about the circumference of each one of the circle shapes that were on my thigh. They were in groups of certain numbers and in a straight line. Like maybe there were 4 in a row, then a space, then another 3 in a row, then a space, then like 2 in a row, another space, then maybe 5 in a row. They were arranged like that. This was what initially made them kind of look like some kind of Morse code.

Additionally each of the circle shapes had a straight horizontal line dividing them. And there was dried blood on all of them as well. The dried blood was what gave them the appearance of being some kind of letters or numbers or symbols to me before. The different 'shapes' resulted because there was more dried blood in different areas of the shapes. For example, one mark might kind of resemble a number "3" because there was more dried blood on the right half of the circle than the left half. Another shape might resemble an "S" because there was more dried blood on the upper right corner, in the middle, and on the lower left corner of that particular mark.

Apparently whoever punctured my skin used some kind of instrument and must have moved it around when they used it on me and pressed harder on some parts of the shapes than others. That would explain the dried blood being heavier in some areas of the shapes than others.

I also vaguely remember something about extreme heat being applied as well. Very likely the blood was cauterized as soon as it oozed out of the punctures on my skin. That would most likely explain why it wasn't smeared and didn't stray outside of the lines of the circular shapes.

My impression is that human beings were responsible for this incident and not aliens. And I would suspect they were some kind of government/military personnel. I believe that my memory must have been erased after the incident so I wouldn't remember them doing it.

My theory is that most likely they nabbed me as I crossed the highway to the hotel that morning. Some kind of mind control to lure me to some vehicle probably and then under that control driven away to some remote location, tortured there (basically branded much like an animal), memory erased and then returned to where they picked me up. The mind control wore off and I continued walking to the hotel with no clue that anything had happened or how much more time had passed.

It is even very likely that I arrived at the hotel later than I expected and automatically put it down to the 'fact' that I thought it was earlier than it really was. Maybe even considering that the clock in my hotel room might even be wrong.

The marks were still on my thigh several days later when I got back home and they were there even a few days after I got home. But they eventually faded away. I did not photograph them but I did make a sketch of them as they looked on my thigh. I don't know where the sketch is. But, I probably still have it somewhere.

This incident was a primary incident that is proof to me (even if nobody else believes it happened) that 'something' is going on with me and my suspicions are not unfounded that it does have to do with UFOs, aliens, government/military secret organizations and activities, mind control and other nasty things and that I have been dealing with this since I was a small child. I would say that they have a huge file on me somewhere. lol

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Did I mention sleep apnea in this story? I looked for a mention of it but don't find it. All these years later (almost exactly 10 years) I think I know what it was about. Max Spiers explained some of this I believe. The torture and abuse changes the brain waves and heightens the abilities even more. "They" know that and use these techniques on us. What's it all for? I really don't know. I'm a Realist not and Idealist. I have no use for Idealism in this century. I just try to survive. If "they" threaten 'mine' I will do likewise. I guess it's a kind of 'war' but whatever. At least I know that much now.

Posted : Sat 18 Mar 2017 18:05

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People who do not have a partner sleeping with them may not know they suffer from sleep apnea. If you wake up with a dry or sore mouth, wake up out of breath, have morning headaches, insomnia, and/or go to the bathroom frequently during the night, you may have sleep apnea and should talk to a doctor.


Posted : Sat 18 Mar 2017 05:33
Hii,just joined because of refeerences to South African ufo sightings that came up on a googlesearch.I am a South African abductee,whom have over the past few years,had quite a lot of ufo sightings here in Mpumalanga Province.I have also woken up,sometimes with recall of strange+unforgettable dreams,with various physical marks,birthmark-like bruises that usually fade by the evening/next day,and upon the bruise fading,there is what looks like a puncture or needlemark in the center.I have had a "dream" of humanlooking doctor and nurse,injecting me in my upper arm with very futuristic-looking medical equipment.That whole day after I could'nt use my arm,it was heavy,sore,pins and needles,very painful.Had other dream too,and the injuries the next morning correspond to what occured in the dream-this time a strange craft,a craft with lights about the size of a Cessna came down+four men entered,said they were doctors.Then the oldest one accosted me,I tried to resist,but another came to help him and I don't recall anything after that.But the next morning,I was sore in the mouth and one eye,where the oldest "doctor" tried to pry open my mout and eyelid.

I basically just want to see if there are any South Africans on here,whom are abductees? Would be nice,I have a lovely American woman to talk with about these things,but it would still be nice to meet another South African abductee or two,if there are any on this site.

I have had a very strange life,and living in South Africa,I only found out late in life what has been happening to me,always chalked it up to the paranormal/demonic assaults.

My first abductions started in early childhood,the first event was at age 3,I remember it like yesterday.But not the classically portrayed "being beamed up" well if that did,I cannot recall because I blacked out-and came to again-on my feet.Involves a dead chicken also.

Back to the marks-with me there has been injuries that go along with the marks sometimes.Like the time I woke up with a birthmark-like bruise under my mouth(which faded by that evening,leaving behind a needlemark/puncture in the centre.And a muscle was injured in my upper back,I was bedridden for a day with the pain,it only started getting better the next day after being massaged a few times with horse liniment,eg.Also have discovered an "old scar" that looks like those injections we used to get as kids,in school? Vaccinations or something,I guess,we all got it at school,in the elementary stage.But I have my scar from that,on the left arm.Then about a year+half ago I one day noticed such an old similar-looking scar in a place where I never had any injections or vaccinations or injuries.

This thing is VERY insidious,though,bear that in mind-the effects of lifelong abduction lies not so much in the evidence it leaves on our bodies some times-but in hindsight,and in examoning our lives at present-and then usually seeing a pattern-and in my case anyway,a "Truman Show" type set-up,a life manipulated and tightly controlled.

Will post again when I have more time,if anyone is interested.Nice day,best wishes to members of this site.

Posted : Thu 12 Jun 2014 08:25
think for any skeptics out there, the opening of the doc "Sirius" tonight should be enough to bridge the gap between believers and non-believers. Seems like we're coming to a point where these stories will be considered actual experiences by the public rather than insane delusions.


Posted : Mon 22 Apr 2013 20:53
I don't recall if I was reading any particular book at that time. Perhaps I brought books with me to read. I usually do when I travel. But it would be impossible to ascertain what books I had with me at the time. Most likely they were concerned with genealogy. Perhaps that of world royalty. Like how was Charlemagne related to Chinese emperors, etc

Posted : Wed 18 Jul 2012 21:56
Reading your interesting event I got this question popping out of the blue, "were you reading a specific book in those days?".

Posted : Tue 17 Jul 2012 06:16
I'm not going to get into a political discussion here. I don't care about human politics. I just like to have a good time and enjoy myself. I don't get the impression that samples of DNA were taken on this occasion. That was probably done a long time ago when I was a baby. My impression is that it was an attempt at intimidation. It didn't work. lol

Posted : Mon 8 Aug 2011 18:28
It would not surprize me that the marks could have been made by a human instrument.There is no reason I can investigate in my mind why samples would be taken from us from humans or the beings from out there other then a DNA check.Its a wierd thing about DNA.Just as when they say stress for a mother can be felt by the baby inside a pregnant women I would think that over the centuries of a certain type of DNA would have felt the stress of battles fought way back when and had been carried threw the centuries of impregnated women down the line.
A gene of such strengh it has not changed.It is not the heart or the brain that has been carried forward it is ones DNA.
There is also a lot of people who have had encounters or abductions that are Irish. I myself am Scotish.I believe it is people who are Irish have a certain bond to each other as do Scots like Clans or tribes.It is different saying we are proud to be American or proud to be English.Thats just a saying.In America everyone is for themselves.They are not as a Clan will they drop a bomb on another country for doing them harm yes most countrys will.But the differents is they still do not trust there neighbors complain all the time of one another.Steal from each other help no one unless they expect something back.This is not how the Irish or Clans work.
They truly are for there Clan or there people.And truly do care of each other and all will die for there family Clan.So given a race of beings that are far beyond us and you wanted to have a research project.
Which DNA would be better looked at.The so many changed DNA threw the centuries or the few DNA that has not.Is there any reason you can think of why someone would come to you and take a sample being it a government or peoples for some reason.
I will tell you at one point a few months ago I had a sample taken of fluid out of my spine.Not by any peoples but of a being.I woke up to the most pain I have ever had in my life.I was shaking I had a punture mark a needle mark at the base of my spine.I had a women look at it the next day.I just said do you see anything back there.She said yes what did you do get a shot.I just said no.
Last thing I need is have coworkers think I am nuts.When I got home that night I was almost afraid to fall asleep.I even looked up and said hey you guys I need some sleep please I have been defending you for years .That pain is why some think your evil.I wrote the story on this website so I will not go into it here.
But what I am getting at is I woke up having a experience.But in that split second they stopped and put me back.It was my own fault.I put a suggestion in my head to wake up and it worked.But not a good thing to do at that time.I was thinking oh wake up during the experience and just start talking to them face to face like oh this is awesome.I was not thinking it would be wake up time like in the middle of a open heart surgery down here at the hospital.
Anyways.If the mark is not clean maybe you moved for just a split second while beings were doing it.I will tell you the beings use light to brain waves to knock us out.It is like people who have seizures.If you turn the lights on real fast off and on they have a seizure.Most people who have bad seizures cannot even go to a carnival .Of coarse the beings do not make you have a seizure but the effects of being knocked out is the same.And when you wake up theres nothing to even have you realize anything happened most times.
I will not tell you how I know this because in this subject everything sounds like imagination or fiction.One of the reasons the human race is so far behind is politics and money.If we were a race of beings that all worked for the good of the whole without money stopping things or politics we would already be thousands of years ahead of where we are today.
And not violent towards each other.Because all would be helping to further our race of being human.Whether it was just carrying something or getting something for someone else and it would all be just as important and we would see it that way as the one putting it together or designing it.There would be no division.Division leads to death and destruction.You have a great day and again can you see any reason for humans to be taking your sample ?

Posted : Mon 8 Aug 2011 11:31
Hi Spacechild

Thanks for your response. I have talked to others who mention scoop marks like that. I have not had those myself. I strongly believe the incisions made on me were by a human instrument. The instrument was obviously held by an unsteady human hand which allowed it to move creating variations in the positions of dried blood on the wounds. I am a MILAB and have had experiences with both human and aliens who have abducted me even as a child. Your comment on DNA is interesting. I have Freemasons on both sides of my family. Some possible connection there? I don't know.

Thanks again

Posted : Fri 29 Jul 2011 19:21
I can believe what you say.Early on having experiences of my own.I had over the years triangular what looked like scoop marks just below on the right side of my knee.And as far as people believing you or not.It does not matter.I will tell you that one of the reasons the beings take samples.Is to find out why over centuries some peoples DNA has not changed threw inter breeding and others have changed.Why one type of person is as with his emotions and beliefs as in the past.And others have changed.If you tell people and they do not agree with you it is a normal human response.Just go threw the motion as I do and not care.You will feel better.


Posted : Fri 29 Jul 2011 18:53
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