A typical strange coincidence Coincidences November 2011

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A typical strange coincidence

This is one of those coincidences that happen so often but that really are strange.
Day before yesterday my husband and I, having recently moved to a new town in Spain decided to go into town for lunch, meet some local people and start to promote our painting and decorating business. We went into an English owned bar, had lunch and a chat to a few people including the owner Paul then came home.
Yesterday I drove 60km back to our old town to pick up some bits from our old flat and do a few bits of shopping. As I walked into the butchers, who should be in front of me but Paul from the bar the day before. I know people say "it's a small world", but the odds on this happening must be phenomenal. We are talking an hours drive away.

I wonder if there are souls we are predetermined to interact with? Souls who's paths chart the same course as our own. Some for long periods of time and some for shorter? Are there are other souls we are meant to meet and if so why? And isn't it a bit scary if our life paths are predetermined? Gosh I could go on for hours.

I have filled in country etc on this form but not really relevant in this instance.



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Sounds strange to me if it happens once ok,i have to say,and please dont get upset with me just concerned! I have a security backround,anyway once is just a coincidence,twice it can happen , though i would be VERY weary,four times call the police,it happen to everyone some time in there lives,yes it could be inoccent but more than twice,most probilty NOT BY CHANCE!

Posted : Tue 29 Jan 2013 02:29
This experience occurred on the Tue 22 Nov 2011 13:00
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This experience has occurred only once.
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