Here's what I found and the 4 locations I found them with photo evidence UFO's Coincidences In Bakersfield, United States of America January 1970

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Here's what I found and the 4 locations I found them with photo evidence

Here's what I found and the 4 locations I found them with photo evidence
location 1 the 1st find kern river calif
My hobby is a gold prospector and rock hound who lives in California. While digging for the first time in the
canyon of Kern River, Bakersfield, Ca. he came across what he considers to be an alien burial site,
or possibly the location of a crashed UFO and the resting place of its occupants.
On New Years Eve in 1999, trying to avoid the doomsday talk of the new millennium,
Mr. Kaesberg and Jim Ferguson, another rock hunter, went to Kern River.
When digging there in one foot of soil, Mr. Kaesberg looked down at his rock sifter and
noticed little faces looking up at him, so he looked further and dug more to reveal a total of
22 small rocks all in the shape of alien heads with faces on them. Since then he has revisited the site,
managing to pull out 4 more of these faces.
A MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan of the rocks, a CAT
(Computed Axial Tomography) Scan, the results of which will show whether these aliens have
ever been alive.I actually had it done have only picture proof I can not find actual documentation
from the technician dam ey.
The following is a report by a scientist who has expressed his wish not to be associated with
Mr. Kaesberg."
"I have examined numerous water-worn cobbles, fragments and pebbles presented in a black
satchel bag from Eric under a binocular microscope."
"Samples are composed of fine grain materials, of both igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary origin,
and contain primarily of quartz and micas."
"All samples appear to be normal outwash from a Sierra type terrain."
"I could neither confirm or refute the contained presence of alien materials or artifacts."
There you go the University of Nevada Reno Center for Geological Studies concluded they
could not refute to admit or deny facts.

Cotton wood creek 14 miles south of location 1
While prospecting in the ancient river bed I found what appeared to be more
of these alien faces on stone.

Caliente Creek 35 miles south east of location 1
The third place I found them and the green child size head was Caliente creek 35 miles south
East of site 1.

Placerita cyn 100 miles s> of site 1 where I found the biggest
fossil and where the visitors showing up.



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very strange indeed...I dont like to get too involved in the work of The Great Ones but I have to say this is true proof. I can't believe more people aren't told of this. I'll have to bring this up at my club meeting. Thank you

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This experience occurred on the Sat 01 Jan 2000 00:00
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Bakersfield, California, United States of America
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