Caliente creek approx.35 miles south east of the Kern UFO's Photographic Curiosities January 1970

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Caliente creek approx.35 miles south east of the Kern

" On December 31st,1999 Jim Ferguson and I Eric Kaesberg wanted to go rock hunting and prospecting for gold to get away from every ones fears of dooms day Jan 1, 2000. We had gone to the Kern River many times before and yet this time we wanted to try this new place where a huge granite stone was trapping all the river rocks. As we dug into the soil and added it to our rock sifter,to our amazement there was 22 stones no bigger then 3inches and ave,size was 1 1/2 inches they all appeared to have the configurations of alien faces on them.
Some so detailed it wasn't anything we had ever seen or even thought we would find. The following weeks we chose 2 new dig sites Cottonwood creek approximately 10 miles south of the Kern site and Caliente creek approx.35 miles south east of the Kern. I saw stones there that I had never seen before there color and shape were very odd so not knowing till 2 years later what they appeared to be I collected them. It wasn't till 2 years later when Jim and I went back to the Kern site and as we found hundreds more of these strange stones that seemed to have alien faces on them, it was then we decided to go public with pictures we had taken.
The following events that had taken place may seem like fantasy or made up, but as God as my witness they happened and I can not ignore the truth of these events ill share with you. After aliens-ufos saw merit in my claim I went to sleep that night only to be awoken by some noise in my room. As i sat up in my bed, "I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Three green little aliens approx. 3 1/2 feet high floating in my room looking at my rock display.Then one of them looked at me waved his hand and instantly became so freighted with fear I had never felt before and was paralyzed to not move or speak/ Was I dreaming no I was awake I couldn't believe it then they disappeared and I was freed of this fear that I learned later many abductees say they experience as they are in there presence. The next day it seemed like to me my eyes were opened to what I really had. I was looking over my displays and going through my boxes of rocks and Instantly saw what I really had I had hundreds of these and so I started



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A professional archaeologist's goal is to record history and, if possible, move the objects as a collection for research and display. Any artifact found on U.S. soil is property of the public, and the law states that it's the responsibility of the finder to care for the item for the sake of the public.

One high-profile case in recent years perfectly underscores the thorny issues presented by artifact recovery. (Perhaps they could be called issues of "findership.") In 1985, explorers located the wreck of the Titanic, and the company RMS Titanic recovered thousands of artifacts over the course of several subsequent dives. Valued in the millions of dollars, the artifacts kicked off legal wrangling over their ownership. While courts did declare RMS the "salvor-in-possession," which gave the company the sole rights to dive the Titanic for artifacts, they said RMS did not own the artifacts. RMS, unsurprisingly, sought to be declared title holders of the artifacts, also seeking a cash award to cover its salvage costs [source: CBS News]. In 2010 a U.S. judge agreed that a cash award was warranted, valuing it at $110 million [source: WHSV]. Whether or not the company would receive title ownership of the Titanic's haul was expected to be decided in the latter part of 2011.

Another ownership example, this one a bit more hypothetical, could be a consideration of the fabled Nazi gold the German regime looted during the second world war. No matter on whose soil it's found, it turns out it's not entirely clear who would get the gold if it were to be found. The Geneva Conventions require that any wartime cultural artifacts be returned to their home countries. Some maintain, however, that gold of the non-cultural-artifact variety would belong to Germany. Originally, countries were trying to reclaim the gold for the individuals or countries from whom it was stolen. This effort gained steam when 42 countries attended the London Conference on Nazi Gold in 1997. Many of the countries making claims at the conference agreed there to relinquish their claim to any found gold and to donate the proceeds to nonprofit organizations, particularly those that assist Holocaust survivors.

Posted : Fri 1 Feb 2013 12:15
Just for your beifit i would repot them asap!

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 19:39
If you do find any stones with drawings or carvings on then they should be left alone and reported to the proper authorities,never take or touch anything you could have destroyed somthing imporant,sounds like a hoax to me but i will send your pictures to the proper authorities,just in case,you know you can get in a lot of trouble if this is true,i do hope you realize this!

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 19:37
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