Abduction on a Military Field Exercise Abductions Sightings March 2012

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Abduction on a Military Field Exercise

This was my most intense experience i have had and will never forget it. I wont name the location or time or the people involved but i will share this.

It was a normal but full on day and we were broken up into sections to find the enemy party waiting for us wear we would make a section ambush at dawn the next morning. Anyway we spent the entire day rehearsing then we all piled up on the mogs and made our way deep into the bush and then from there we walked 20km through the bush and we could't see anything in the dark of night so we formed a human chain and once we reached our night harbor we set up camp and put glow sticks out. We had a sentry roster for taking turns on guard through the night and i was second on guard that night for 45 minutes wear it started raining heavy and once my time was up i couldn't wait to get back to my trench and sleep as i only had 4 hours before we had to be up and make a move.

40 mins or so later i had to get up because the wind and rain were collapsing the tarp over my trench that i had over me and was getting soaked. When i got up i noticed about 200 feet in the distance were strange beaming neon blue lights' I told the guy on guard i was going to go check this out so i put some cam paint on my face and my black beanie on and went for a Recky' and as i got closer i went in complete shock as i looked through the tree's when i seen one of the guys from our section being tested on in this blue bubble void of light by grey aliens so out of natural reaction i ran at them and was knocked to the ground by the vortex around them so quickly i decided to run back toward the guy on guard to warn him and then was stopped in my tracks by a tall figure in black (human figure) so i ran another way and was grabbed in a choke hold around my throat by another figure in black and even in my training of self defense i couldn't counter this persons lock and i was powerless no matter how much i tried so attempted yelling and thats when the guy on guard came running over to my aid and my he said let him go is this some kind of joke this is not part of the exercise? and at that time i could see the rest of the sections torches were turning on to see what all the commotion was about then right then the other figure comes from behind my buddy and must have put something in him to make him unconscious and the guy who had me in the lock done the same.

After that i woke in a white room with my uniform stripped from me and 2 of my friends were on the other table in fear just crying with torment and none of us could move our body there was a machine with tubes running from our chest to this small machine what seemed to be mixing our bloods together? and another machine putting this thick white liquid back in our body and then in walks 3 small greys and i told my friends relax then they will not hurt you.

These small greys are androids if you feel fear they will want to test that fear with more fear they read your biorhythms and want to test them even to the deepest levels of the human psyche. So after a little while of them running samples and tests a tall woman walks in with blonde hair and to be honest very beautiful and behind her a black man with piercing green eyes and long raggy hair tied back and looked at us smiled and the man said (dormaexanchesrio?) we thank you and will return you shortly. After they put us in these capsules at the bottom of the ship and in what felt like a kick to the body with a 2 foot boot we dropped from 15 metres in height back on our section harbor as we looked up and seen the lights in the sky shoot off out to nowhere.

I cant say what became of the night after that But that was actualy my second experience wear i had another one when i was 15 years old.

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Freaky,the blue lights rang a bell with me,i have heard of similar events,i understand them being rough with you other guys have sad the same thing maybe because the aliens know your trained to defend yourself,an dont want to take any chances,you hurt then,you guys are healty specimens an they know it,probility after your sperm and biopsys of the organs for cloneing,who knows?I`m glad they let you go!They ussually do as long as you don`t get a tactical advatage and her them,i have heard cases like that,how can i put it,they will permitly damage you,i say go along with,they take a few pieces its uncomfortabe but they let you go unharmed,dont let if freak you out,your earlyn experence is probality related they were colectly what ever they did long ago,they will move on to someone else,it strange but if you have been visited as a child they did somthing that they have come back an get years later,if you have been abducted once garented they will be back to get the results of the first encounter,Good luck!Your still alright,easy!

Posted : Wed 30 Jan 2013 05:56
Hello, "Snakeskin" can you be more specific as to the location of the incident? such as Country, etc thank you

I can be contacted at garuda79@att.net

Posted : Mon 14 May 2012 17:58
This experience occurred on the Mon 05 Mar 2012 00:00
This experience lasted between 2 and 4 hours
This experience has occurred only once.
Added : Mon 5 Mar 2012 03:38
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