parasomnia or alien abduction? Presences Abductions January 2012

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parasomnia or alien abduction?

About a year ago i started having these strange 'episodes' they happened at night and even though They felt real i kept telling myself that it was just a nightmare.

They all took place in my bed, my room looked just like it did in the waking world but i would be completely paralyzed. And then I would feel an evil presence in my room even though my eyes were open I couldn't see anything and the more this happened the more immune I became to the presense. I could still feel it but i wasn't scared anymore, and then it just stoped until a few months ago when I had a very vivid dream, so vivid in fact that I cant seem to convince myself that that was all it was.

I woke up in a cell, I could see women in the cells opposite to me, I asked them what was going on and the one told me that I had been taken and that they (the aliens) were looking for a woman. The other woman i could see told me that she recognised me because they used to take me when I was a kid along with another girl, a friend of mine who they had also brought in again recently but they knew it wasn't her because she'd had a baby.

Then I could feel that evil presense again and I looked through the bars and could see a woman walking towards me. She was about 5ft 5inch, dark hair that came to just above her shoulders and a blunt fringe. She was wearing a tweed skirt suit with a high necked shirt kind of the strict school teacher look. somehow I just knew that she wasn't human and we were just seeing what she wanted us to see. I also knew that the other women couldn't feel her presense, alot of them seemed to know her quite well cos they were calling out to her, she had this smug smirk on her face and just ignored them then she took me from my cell and as she took me to the door at the end of the corridor I could see that there weren't any men in any of the cells, one woman shouted out that it wasn't fair that I got seen first cos they had been waiting longer and asked her if they thought that it was me and that was why I was being seen first, again she ignored them.

I don't remember what happened when she took me through that door cos the next thing she was taking me back to my cell. Some of the women were asking if it was me but she didn't answer them. Then I saw a man standing by my cell, he was dressed as a priest and had a briefcase with him, I could feel his presense too, he wasn't human either and was of a higher rank than the women. I knew that he was earth bound and their connection in the catholic church. I also knew that the catholic church had made some sort of deal with them cos they were using the human soul (the energy that exists in our heads) as a power source.

I got anxious when I saw him because only I was aware that they hadn't taken my body, just my conscious mind, (I was taller and thinner on the ship than i am in the waking world) so I called out to him and tried to act insane like the rest of the women there. I can't remember what I said or what he said. but I thought I'd managed to convince him that there was nothing amiss but in the split second between being there and waking up in my bed he gave me this look and I thought I'd blown it. when I tried to remember what had happened the details started to change and became more and more like an obscene dream. I havn't had any more experience since then, at least not ones that i remember, sometimes when I have these 'episodes' I can hear a drilling sound, I've read other peoples stories and they say that they've heard the same thing to and their memories also change when they try to remember.

I don't know what to believe anymore. If this is the result of parsomnia why aliens? Why not angels or fairies? i'd never given the whole alien abduction thing a second thought until now, and now i'm obsessing over it. Obsessing in private that is. I haven't told anyone about it, they all think I'm half mad already, this would just be fuel to their fire. But i'd really like someone elses opinion on this. Could it be real? Are there other stories about the aliens looking for an odd woman, or making deals with the catholic church? Do they always take you body and soul? or have they ever made off with your coinscious mind and left your body behind?

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After looking in to the matter of alien or demonic possession in the catholic protestant etc church i have come to the conclusion that there may indeed be somthing to your story,we can`t rule anything out,there are web sites devoted to this subject,maybe you should do a little deeper investation,from what i have read your situation corresponds to a few things you were saying,,do a wide search on google: The church demons an possesions,scrllo down you should find information there,i do take these things seriously!!!

Posted : Thu 31 Jan 2013 17:45
PattyCakes makes a lot of sence,also i noticed you brought up the catholic church an priests,i have never read of any cases with that perspective?And refering to odd women,most cases not all,deal with harvesting of eggs or implanted embyros,,i would lean more towards what PattCakes says.Goodluck!!

Posted : Wed 30 Jan 2013 02:10
Hey, I found your story very interesting. Before I go on to tell you some of my experiences, let me first start by saying that the mind of us humans is the most powerful attribute we possess.

Now, I also do believe in other lifeforms beyond that of our planet of earth, so the question of abduction I couldn't answer, because I do not know for sure, but I can answer your question of sleep paralysis.

I suffered very badly from that sensation of waking all too sudden and not being able to move, but completely aware of your surroundings. It used to scare me so bad that I fell further into my illness of insomnia because I was scared to fall under those conditions of not moving and being awake rendered useless by my own mind.

I found this out if it eases you in any way. The more I tried to stay awake meant the more I would fall under the sleep paralysis episodes. I was so worried about that happening that when i did finally begin to lose my battle with sleep I would feel myself slipping into the sleep paralysis state before I even was asleep. In other words, I learned to distinguish what was going on. I could then grasp hold of the situation and tell my body that I was falling into this state and needed to wake up, and surely enough, I regained my connection back to my body from my brain.

Sleep paralysis is like this, you are half asleep and half awake essentially, so your brain still can sum up some pretty evil, scary, hallucinations, because your first thought is that of panic.

I used to think the same thing, that some demon was trying to get a hold of me or some evil entity, but trust me, it's all in your mind. Once I figured out how to control it and not let it scare me anymore, I could then sleep normally.

I mean listen to this, a very small percent of the population suffer from sleep paralysis, and myself even smaller because of how much I get it, but know this, the other day I was just researching about alien greys, other lifeforms, etc, and I fell into a sleep paralysis state, and I saw an alien entity. That alone should let you know that my subconscious mind had the thought of aliens in it, and that is the first thing that came to mind when I had the sleep paralysis episode.

Do I believe that people have been abducted? Yes, of course, but what you're referring to is what I have experienced before, sleep paralysis, and thoughts in your mind that cause you to dream of it.

Posted : Fri 9 Nov 2012 11:50
This experience occurred on the Wed 18 Jan 2012 01:17
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