NEAR DEATH EXPERENCE! Near Death Experiences In Sydney, Canada September 1976

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Near Death Experence!

This experence was told to me by my Uncle Bob. It started in a large factory in Sydney NS called, The Sydney Steel Plant well over 200 years old. The accident happened on an adjacent part of Sydney Steel called the Coal Covens, it is where they convert coal in to coke by heating it under high pressure, with very little oxegen to squeeze out all the gasses an oils, they call them byproducts. The coke burn at a much higher temperture than coal. It then is used to melt Iron Ore etc in the blast furnace to make steel. These are dangerous places.

My Uncle worked in the Coal Covens in a place called the Battery. It was a row of oven/furnaces 250 long by 25 feet high. There are 50/60 ovens running at any one time 24 hours a day, they haul in coal and stock/pile it on top above the ovens. It was rainning the night before and the coal was sticking together making a hard crust. It was late at night, lunch hour, my Uncle decided not to take lunch and was inspecting the battery. He was up walking along the the top of the ovens, the crust of the coal was very hard and easy to walk on as he did a hundred times before, but this time he was unaware that one of the men left a shoot open. They feed the coal down to be pushed in to the furnace/oven with huge machine called a pusher, then pushes it out red hot later. Well on this night with the shoot left open the excess coal fell down the shoot and left a hollow cavity, but left the coal crust on the surface invisible to see, sure enought he walked over the spot it gave way and he went 20 feet down the shoot. The shoot narrows at the bottom and falling with the lumps of coal he was jammed in tight at the bottom. My uncle told me he tried to free himself to no avail. The finer coal dust contuned to fall.

Well he he started to panic, but realized he had head and not to panic, then comming to the realizeation that his buddies were on lunch break and would never find him, well anger set in. He was experienced and should have knowned better,and thinking about the fellow who left the shoot open, thinking a week before they had a safty meeting and the guy should have known better. Saying to himself, I will find out who he is a he will be fired, those thoughts quickly went away. He started crying to himself, thinking about his wife an children, how they depend on him and he is letting them down, all kinds of irrational thoughts he said were going through his mind.

Mean while the fine dust is falling in choking and burying him alive, when it piled up and covered his head he knew this was the end. It started to go dark in his mind he started to see all the things in life that happened to him in his life like a movie or film. He told me he could see even thougt his eyes were full of coal. He said everything was very vivid, as he layed there. It than began to get very dark, and he was a little frightend but no pain no panic. He said a very dim light was appearing far off getting closer. He could see wavey light getting brighter and brighter untill it filled his complete line of sight.

He really could not see but says it was like looking with your own eyes. He said he forgot he was dieing and was caught up in this light that was filling everthing all around him, getting ever so bright, then he remembers waking up on the ground with someone pumping his chest. His buddy had to literaly dig the coal dut with his fingers out of his mouth to perform CPR. It was his buddy, his buddy decided not to finish his lunch a wanted to get some fresh air, and took a walk. He noticed Uncle Bobs leggs sticking out of the shoot, ran over an struggled for 10 minutes to get him out ripping his clothes off partialy and tearing big gashes down his sides an leggs, but saved his life. He was a hero. Thenan ambulance was called. He was in the hospital a few days but made a full recovery, he was a changed man, and he forgave the fellow for leaving the shoot open. Matter of fact never brought it up in the investigation. Sadly Uncle Bob is gone now, much later it was cancer. The old plant is long gone. The plant is infamous, poluted, by products flushed directly in to the harbor and air, cancer rate was 4 times higher than anywhere in the world!

That was my Near Death Experence passed on by my Uncle Bob!

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A doctors view of near death experence

1. Primitive brainstem program

2. Distorted recall of memories from the limbic system

3. Endogenous glutamate blockade with excitotoxicity

4. DMT dump (a hypothetical phenomenon which has not bee proven to occur)

5. Isolated preservation of cortical regions of the brain

6. Loss of inhibitory neurons leading to highly levels of activity among excitatory neuronal networks to generate an apparent “ultra-reality”

7. Activation of thalamus, basal ganglia and brainstorm to create a hyper-reality experience

8. Reboot phenomenon

9. Unusual memory generation through archaic visual pathways
Does this prove that consciousness exists outside of the brain? Or is there a scientific explanation?

Posted : Mon 4 Feb 2013 05:22
This experience occurred on the Mon 20 Sep 1976 11:00
This experience lasted between 10 and 20 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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