Believers Petition the White House for information aboat UFOs UFO's Abductions In Washington, United States of America January 1970

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Believers Petition the White House for information aboat UFOs

Believers Petition the White House for information aboat UFOs

For decades, UFO watchers have been saying that the U.S. government is covering up information about extraterrestrials and visitations. A White House program has given them an way to pressure the administration for information. A petition has been filed and has collected more than the required number of signatures.The White House has a new petitioning program called “We The People.” According to its site, American citizens can petition the administration “to take action on a range of important issues facing our country. If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it … and issue an official response.” The site requires 5,000 signatures collected within a 30-day period to be given consideration.
UFO petition
Reported UFO sightings spiked this summer. According to MSNBC, some states have had more than double their normal recorded sightings. Stephen Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Research Group, penned and posted a petition that pre-supposes the phenomenon as fact:
“We, the undersigned, strongly urge the president of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services pertaining to this phenomenon.”
The petition was posted on Sept. 22.Past presidential efforts
Alejandro Rojas, of the UFO investigatory site Open Minds, asked Bassett if he thought Obama could get access to the information. Bassett responded, ‘Whether or not he knows it to be true, he could easily find out the information.But that may not be as evident as Bassett thinks. Former President Bill Clinton discussed his inquiries into the matter during an interview in Hong Kong some years ago:I did attempt to find out if there were any secret government documents that revealed things and if there were, they were hidden from me, too. It would not be the first president that underlings have lied to or that career bureaucrats have waited out. But there may be some career person somewhere hiding these dark secrets, even from elected presidents. But if so, they successfully eluded me, and I am almost embarrassed to tell you that I did try to find out.Before Clinton, former President Jimmy Carter also looked into the matter unsuccessfully. Daniel Sheehan, who served as the General Counsel to the U.S. Jesuit National Headquarters, says that in 1997 he was told by Marcia Smith — then Director of the Library of Congress’ Science and Technology Division — Carter did ask George H.W. Bush about the phenomenon. Bush was the director of the CIA at the time. Reportedly, Bush told Carter that he did not “have the need to know.”
Petition goal exceededAs of the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 4, the petition has attained its goal and then some, with a grand total of 7,221 signatures. When and how the White House responds remains to be seen.
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I feel the Government has covered the UFO and Alien Phenomena out of fear that "we can't handle the truth" when in fact there are so many of us involved now that we deserve to know the truth in it's entirety. My only fear is "not knowing", and being lied to. It's time to come clean Washington!

Posted : Sun 29 Mar 2015 18:11
Beliver 1000
This is a good Idea. I want to know what the governments are hiding. I mean the government has been seen on alien crash site since the Rosewell incident. They government wouldn't show up for some regular crash

Posted : Wed 29 Oct 2014 19:14
We can do it. I know we can.

Posted : Tue 12 Mar 2013 22:22
I can see where you can really excel. We need to rush to Captial Hill itself. Come let them see our faces and know our pain and how badly we need to see The Great Ones (as they told me to call them). Let us see for ourselves! We can handle the truth!

Posted : Tue 12 Mar 2013 22:21
We can do it. I know we can.

Posted : Tue 12 Mar 2013 22:19
I did find out recently there was a "major" efford to supress this petition to the "general public" i would say they were afraid they would get too many signatures,inside information has it that every major news source was contacted and was told not to broadcast any information about the petition,the only people who knew of this petition were a few online web sites,and word of mouth,even the online web sites during the petition phaze were continually haveing problems mysterously with there isp`s,this covert operation still did not stop the petition and we just got enough names 25.000 in time,when in reality we estimated we should have recieved millions of people signing the petition,to this day,the news of this petition is being supressed,if you know about it it is because you read it here at or just a few online web sites run by private honest people who want you to know the truth!

Posted : Tue 5 Mar 2013 11:16
Video about White House Petition

Posted : Tue 5 Mar 2013 10:43

Posted : Thu 21 Feb 2013 02:06
Latest VideoS of 2013 of "UFO`S"!!

Posted : Fri 8 Feb 2013 03:23
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