Crop Circles New Evidence! Photographic Curiosities Other Weird Stuff... January 2013

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Crop Circles New Evidence!

New Crop Circle Evidence! Very old Crop circles found with map overlaying!

With all the information pouring out about crop circles I think we are being desensitized and very important evidence is being overlooked! And with people out there still faking the crop circles, will we ever get to the bottom of this phenomena? I wonder if these fakers/debunkers creating some of the crop circles are part of some clever cover up to keep us from the figuring out truth, that the crop circles are actually some sort of message sent from outer space by an alien race trying to communicate with us?

I can`t see all of the many thousands of crop circles the work of hoaxers their have actually been crop circle images dating back to 1945 and beyond. Also there has been evidence uncovered of the phenomenon in scientific journals dating back to 1800`s. This proves crop circles remain unexplained. With the introduction of new technology, by sifting through older maps and overlaying on to newer maps more evidence is being revealed everyday
I hope more discoveries will stimulate renewed interest in crop circles by reputable scientific researchers who won`t be fooled by the hoax claims.

Using Google Earth’s new 1945 overlay, GROUND BREAKING PROGRESS IS BEING MADE AS WE SPEAK! Britain seems to be a hot bed of crop circles.There is a significant body of evidence that indicates high frequency electromagnetic energy is involved in the of crop circles.
But what generates that energy and organises it into circular patterns. This is one of these are the questions we need to answer answer?Also some people claim the circles have healing qualities.

The facts are they have been spotted in 29 countries, created out of Barley, wheat, linseed, rice paddies,etc. And cynics are still trying to explain what happened at Stonehenge on July 7, 1996.
At 4.15pm an Royal Air Force pilot airman reported a 900ft formation, comprising 149 circles aligned along a spiral curve. The media may have lost interest in them, but crop circles are still out there. Last year provided a bumper harvest, with 19 recorded in August. Some of the country’s best known circle investigators, believe the striking agricultural artworks are messages from space. So I believe there still is a lot of investigating to do. These are very mysterious happenings, and all the evidence should be investigated throughly before it is dismissed out right by main stream media!

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