The Bermuda Triangle A New Twist! Natural Yet Unexplained Other Weird Stuff... February 2013

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The Bermuda Triangle A New Twist!

The Glass Pyramids Of The Bermuda Triangle A New Twist!

The Pyramids are at a depth of two thousand meters were identified with the help of a sonar device according to oceanographer Dr.Meyer Verlag. Studies of other devices have allowed scientists to determine that the two giant pyramids, aparently made of something like a thick glass or crystal?, are really massive structures, each of them is larger than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.
Dr.Meyer believes that an investagation of the secrets of the glass pyramids that are in the center of the triangle, may shed some light on the cases related to the strange and mysterious disappearances that are associated with the Bermuda Triangle.

In a press conference in the Bahamas, Dr.Meyer gave a report with the exact coordinates of the pyramids. In particular, the oceanographer said that the technology is a mystery to modern science, and and looks like it was designed to be under water. Perhaps a more detailed study over time will give more detailed results.There are more an more reports on the pyramids. "American oceanographers in 1990", discovered the underwater pyramids, which are located exactly at the center of the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists have processed all of the data and concluded that the surface is perfectly smooth, and looks like glass or crystal?.The size of the pyramids are nearly three times the pyramid of Cheops.

The news was sensational, and was discussed at a conference in Florida. The journalists present have a lot of pictures and high resolution computerized data, which show three-dimensional pyramids perfectly smooth, without being covered with a surface free of coral, algae or cracks. Recently "American and French" scientists as well as other countries that are conducting surveys in areas of the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle, they also claim to have found even more pyramids standing upright on the seabed.The length of the base of this pyramid reached 300 meters, 200 meters height, and distance from base to the tip of the pyramid is about 100 meters above the sea floor. Preliminary results show this structure to be made of glass or a glass-like (crystal?) material, as it is entirely smooth and partially translucent.

When talking about size, this newly re-discovered pyramid is larger in scale than the pyramids of ancient Egypt. On top of the pyramid there are two very large holes, sea water at high speed move through the second hole, and therefore the raging waves roll by forming a giant vortex that makes the waters around this cause a massive surge waves and mist on the sea surface. This new discovery makes scientists wonder if this is having an affect on passing boats and planes and could be the reason for all the mystery surrounding the area of the "Bermuda Triangle". There are several Western scholars who argue that the pyramid on the seabed may have been initially made on the land, after a devastating earthquake struck and changed the landscape completely covering them with ocean water. Other scientists argue that a few hundred years ago the waters of the Bermuda Triangle area may have as one of the cornerstone activities of the people of Atlantis, and Pyramids on the sea floor may be a supply warehouse or a power source for them.A very interesting for the The Bermuda Triangle


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What science classes as myths,and folklore.As a starting point in time,it has been factual in the past,and becomes tales of myth and folklore due to the full truth been told,and re-told over time.

Posted : Sun 28 Feb 2016 22:06
Breaking News the largest pyramids in the world have just been found in Guatemala!

Posted : Sat 23 Mar 2013 22:59
Breaking News the largest pyramids in the world have just been found in Guatemala!

Posted : Sat 23 Mar 2013 22:58
Other Underwater Pyramids are Found

The idea of lost cities and civilizations is not a new one. For centuries there have been tales, both written and spoken, of entire races and continents perishing in the blink of an eye. Most of these stories tell us of floods and earthquakes as being the culprit and that the once advanced cultures and their homes are now buried beneath the sea.

Many people in the scientific community believe these tales are nothing but myth. Within recent times, however, and with our ever-growing technology in the field of underwater exploration, some interesting finds have been reported.

Underwater Pyramid Sites

1.) Off the coast of Bimini Island, located in the Bahamas, a diver came across rounded, rectangular-shaped stones. Set up like a road, the stones range in size from six to thirteen feet long and comprise three roads in all with the longest being 0.5 miles in length. The debate still rages as to whether the Bimini Road is man-made or a natural feature of geology.

2.) In 1970 a pyramid was discovered under the waters off the coast of the Bahamas. Five divers found roads, edifices, objects made of metal and an unusual crystal that housed several mini-pyramids. When the crystal was analyzed at a Florida university it was found that energy intensified as it passed through it.

3.) In 1977, and also located near the Bahamas around Cay Sal, a 650 foot tall pyramid was discovered. The water in and around it reportedly glowed in colors of green and white. This was said to have been strange because the normal water at the same depth as the pyramid was virtually black.

4.) An enormous 11 room pyramid was reportedly discovered under 10,000 feet of water in the Atlantic Ocean. It was said to have a huge crystal on top that glowed and emanated light. Also said to have been found was a crystal tablet that revealed strange engravings and inscriptions whenever light passed through it.

5.) Discovered 400 miles off the coast of Portugal were said to be the remains of a city constructed from an unknown concrete and plastic. The leader of this Soviet expedition, Boris Asurua, even stated that from the layout of the city's roads it appeared as though something like monorails could have been in use.

6.) More pyramids and supposed ruins have reportedly been found in the Atlantic, near China, Egypt, Central America, the Canary Islands and off the coasts of Louisiana and Florida. Some pyramids are even said to be larger than the Great Pyramid located in Giza, Egypt.

Please visit these sites for more information:

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