Mermaids Navy Cover-Up Of Intelligent Beings Other Weird Stuff... In Washington, United States of America February 2013

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Mermaids Navy Cover-Up Of Intelligent Beings

Mermaids Navy Cover-Up Of Intelligent Beings Found in Ocean
Absolutely amazing documentary, I'll share it!I have watched it all and I am stunned to see how it all comes together. If it's contrived, what's the agenda? Who produced this vid? I have been doing searches on the people and topics surrounding the NOAA mermaid research and there is, without a doubt, a pretty successful campaign to obliterate all information of it from the internet.First, there is the website of the NOAA scientist, Dr. Paul RobertsonAnd the website “The real Evidence on Mermaids, From Dr. Paul Robertson,NOAA”The only information left on the internet concerning the research of this phenomenon is the Animal Planet special itself,.
A Wikipedia entry ( )
[Update: May 29th, 2012 - Wikipedia's entry was modified today. The original entry described the piece as a 'mockumentary' but now has been edited to contain substantially less data, and refers to the film as 'docufiction'.
[Update: June 1st, 2012 - Wikipedia's "Mermaids: The Body Found" page was created on March 26th, 2012, by "User:Reese457". The original post is quite different than the terse May 29th version. View the entire Draft copy on Wikipedia here:
There does seem to be a concerted efford to debunk and delete any evidence that can be found,but thanks to the mass prolifration of the story it is impossable for then to seceed.
From the Draft: "Mermaids: The Body Found was a two hour special that aired on Animal Planet in the Spring of 2012. The film follows the story of a scientific team’s investigative efforts to uncover the source behind mysterious underwater recordings and an unidentified marine body. In this film, two former National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists Dr. Paul McCormick and Rebecca Davis tell their story on camera for the first time. After investigating mass strandings of whales, the team claimed to have recorded mysterious underwater noises coming from an unknown source. This sound resembled a sound previously recorded in 1977, called the “bloop”. They also claimed to have recovered 30% of the remains of an unknown creature from inside a great white shark which was said to possess attributes of the human body. They alleged that the marine creature had hands, not fins, and the hip structure of an upright animal. These findings, along with many others led the team to determine that this unknown animal was very closely related to humans- possibly a mermaid. To explain the possible origins of mermaids, the team explores a controversial theory called The Aquatic Ape Theory which provides an alternative explanation to human evolution."
One of Reese457's Draft sources includes an interesting piece of news from "", titled, "Mermaid Sightings Claimed in Israel", dated for back in August 13th, 2009, which relates the following:
"Locals and tourists in the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam have been flocking to the coast in hopes of glimpsing a creature that most people believe only exist in fairy tales.
An alleged mermaid, said to resemble a cross between a fish and a young girl, only appears at sunset. It performs a few tricks for onlookers before disappearing for the night.
One of the first people to see the mermaid, Shlomo Cohen, said, "I was with friends when suddenly we saw a woman laying on the sand in a weird way. At first I thought she was just another sunbather, but when we approached she jumped into the water and disappeared. We were all in shock because we saw she had a tail."
The sightings apparently began several months ago."
The current Wikipedia entry for "Mermaids: The Body Found" has been extensively edited since the re-release, with the current entry of only 10 lines. View the article's edit history here:]
Many of those speaking on it [The original "Mermaids: The Body Found"] have come to the conclusion that it is “debunked” based mostly on the claim that Dr. Paul Robertson and a marine biologist by the name of Brian McCormick do not exist.
They are hard to find, but they do exist.Why, among all “conspiracy” related topics would this be the one that was so highly attacked?
I am not sure that I believe this weapon is Naval or is an advanced sonar weapon. We know there are sound weapons now and we know they can be lethal. They are not just a threat to wildlife in the Oceans, they are a threat to people on land as they have the capacity to be used not just in an aquatic environment but anywhere.
“We can control our breathing at will, like marine mammals. And we can hold our breath longer than any other terrestrial animal.”1 The current world record is held by free-diver Peter Colat who recently held his breath underwater for 19 minutes, 21 seconds. “Evidence of our aquatic past is still a part of our present. Human babies instinctively hold their breath when immersed in water.” “Unlike nearly every other land animal, we are practically hairless; hair creates drag in water.” “And just like other marine mammals, we are born with insulating fat distributed throughout our bodies. This keeps us warm in water.” “The transition from land to sea has happened before. Whales . . . evolved from a wolf-like ancestor millions of years ago.” The alleged evolution of whales involved creatures known as mesonychids, Ambulocetus, and Pakicetus. Only 150,000 years ago, a group of brown bears split from their group and evolved into a new species: polar bears. Polar bears can hold their breath and have developed webbing in their paws. “They are becoming a marine mammal.”The USC started shuting down sites all those pertaining to making fraudulent or fictitious claims against the government. Those so-called fictitious claims almost certainly relate to the sound weapon mentioned. They are working hard to hide this and I wonder what we can do to make it less hidden…???

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