'Real' UFO footage from China

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'Real' UFO footage from China

"Real" Footage filmed in the National Forest Park of Fuxin, China, 2012. A small group of friends out for the day spotted a silver object descend behind some trees close to where they were having a picnic on January 4, 2013 at 1:25 am http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJvIwLt06ko (" Do not dismiss this"!!)

I would have to say of all the video clips I have watched to date (which is only "everything" ever posted on the net). This is bye far the most in intriguing clip, as I watch them follow the ufo I notice the trees and telephone poles and street lights do indeed stay in the foreground.Plus what struck me the most was how the vessel was flying with an accurate movement.You know what I mean the movement was correct to the apparent speed given wind conditions etc. And the vessel was indeed a beautiful, the being that came out Wow if you watch again you will notice that he noticed the people, as when the people seen him come out they freaked and froze and it was probably very hard for them to get there feet to get them back to there car. If this is not real and is indeed a elaborate hoax then it is nothing short of perfect. I personally believe it to be genuine,debunkers say they would not land near people.( Not true) disclosure is here now and its real. The Alien Beings are conditioning us for their arrival. I can hardly wait, this is a wonderful time to be alive.
And Who knows, maybe an advanced civilization in a parallel universe speak Chinese.
In sync with India’s love-affair with UFO’s, a recent editorial in a popular Indian news site, UFOs, singularity, time folding (and just about every other theory ever proposed) are a complete given. After all, one aspect of quantum physics is that in an alternate universe, anything could happen.
While several advanced theories do have some solid ideas to back them up, others seem a bit far-fetched—even for those willing to accept that there may be upwards of twenty-six dimensions, rather than the standard four. So what current theory is the most likely to someday satisfactorily explain the science of UFO’s?
Arnold, a respected businessman and deputy U.S. marshal, was taken seriously and his description of the objects as flying “like a saucer if you skipped it across the water” led to newspapers to coin the term “flying saucer.”
Dramatic events have taken place in China over the last few days and that nation's thousands of UFO researchers and enthusiasts are reeling in shock.

One of the heads of China's famous Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory, Prof. Wang Sichao, has gone public admitting the UFOs are real and aliens are visiting Earth and that the observatory has observed their craft many times. The admittance of UFO reality was made yesterday within a official speech entitled tellingly 'China's UFO truth'. This news has been extensively reported in China.

The key points that Wang Sichao have disclosed are that:
•Aliens are visiting Earth on R & D expeditions
•These UFOs are probes manned by robots.
•These craft travel at eighty percent the speed of light.
•These craft have been seen by the observatory many times at between 150 and 1500 kilometers above Earth.
•The aliens might use Nuclear fusion to propel their craft
•39 years of work at Purple Mountain Observatory has led Wang to believe these craft use Earth's gravity to manouvre and stay aloft

The alien hypothesis first officially emerged in 1948 with the Air Force “Project Sign,” which concluded that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. The report was later declassified and burned by General Hoyt Vandenburg.

Meanwhile, in france:

A new report by the Aeronautical and Astronomical Society of France (L'Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France, AAAF) comes in a recent edition to the conclusion that the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects real and may be extraterrestrial in origin.

http://grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.blogspot.com/2010/08/franzosischer-forschungsbericht-ufos.html (German)
http://quasi-mundo.com/de/2010/08/22...hen-ursprungs/ (German)



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This video will open your eyes,this guy video recorded all the shuttle missions.

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