Long grey hall Abductions More Than A Dream? In Phoenix, United States of America January 1970

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Long grey hall

When I was 5 yrs old maybe 4 , I would be woken up standing anywhere from a few feet to a few blocks from my house by my mother. I can remember that she would be shacking me and screaming trying to get me to wake up or see her. I would be scared beyond any words that come to mind now, shaking, babbling and having no idea where I was or what was going on.
This happened so often that my poor mother would not sleep worrying that I may end up hurt or worse. I can remember the feeling I would have, meaning I could feel the times when I knew it was going to happen. After many doctor visits, they recommended no sugar no caffeine 6 to 8 hours before sleep. Then they said that it was a sleeping disorder (night terrors ,sleep pyrolysis) I stayed in sleep labs for days at a time with nothing happening. Finally the doctors said I would grow out of it and just to take per-cations, high dead bolts, dowels to hold windows closed. I am hoping after hearing the following someone might know??

They would happen at random, a perfect day . It would be time to sleep and when I would lay down I would start to get scared, just an uneasy feeling, then this heavy, heavy feeling would start in the middle of my body, I knew it was going to happen, my mind would go blank, then an over whelming feeling of a bunch of people. They were all talking at once, not a conversation just a number of words repeated over and over again, I can't move but can open my eyes just enough to see that I am being ran down a long grey (lighter at the top darker as it goes down) hall way, I can't tel if my feet are on or off the ground, I can see that at the end or where we are heading looks like a black up right table with a red ruby thing in the top center. I remember trying to look to see who was caring me and to add to the scariness it seemed to be a side profile of a face, but like never ending refection, side by side like looking in a three way mirror on both sides of me. The air was hard to breath, best way to put it, it was like being in the desert 112 degrees wind blowing and the smell of rain. This would all end with me being outside (once on the train tracks ) running anywhere I could until some one found me, including the police more than once.
Best that I can remember this all ended at around 12 yrs old . Now 35 I like to think that I was a kid that had real bad nightmares, I have always wanted to go to a hypnotist, but the idea of reliving any of that just doesn't seem worth it. Any one have this kinda thing happen?



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I would say go see a reputable hypnotist, it all sounds very real, I would be very interested, I do know people who have been abducted, and were helped greatly, a professional hypnotherapist can help you relive the experiences but, also will give you peace of mind, they can put the suggestion in your mind not to be frighten, your experience`s do sound like abductions, very very interesting!

Posted : Sat 17 Aug 2013 06:54
This experience occurred on the Fri 02 Mar 1984 00:00
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Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
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