Stories coming true Coincidences Prophecies & Premonitions In Auckland, New Zealand

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Stories coming true

I'm a writer--I write short stories and novellas--and it's a very odd business that some of my stories seem to come true in almost every detail. Admittedly it only happens occasionally, but it's enough to make me be very careful about what I write...I don't want to write a horror story, for instance, and then feel responsible for the outcome of some horrible event.

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Too strange, I find the feeling of being there before freaky, it just gives you shivers sometimes just freaks you out, cool though! I wonder what would happen if you wrote more than one ending, as a backup so you can change the future!
Goodluck Stonefish

Robin :)

Posted : Sun 6 Oct 2013 21:18
This experience lasted between 30 minutes and an hour
This experience has occurred only once.
Auckland, , New Zealand
Added : Sun 6 Oct 2013 00:02
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