Someone please help me understand whats going on/. Ghosts Presences October 2013

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Someone please help me understand whats going on.

Hello, I have a story to share. I would like any help or explanations no matter. Im an open minded person so all information is good information. Its Thursday night. I started having weird feelings and like someone was always with me on Monday. I could just feel it around.. I still do kinda.

The first time I did this I had an accidental OBE I woke up and felt like I was floating. I looked down and I could see myself physical body still laying on the bed. I was freaked because at this time I had never heard of anything like this. Anyway, when I looked back up I noticed a black like real thick smoke floating right by my window with red eyes. I freaked out and fell back in my body. Then when I woke up I looked up and it was still there. It stayed there all night. There was a terrible feeling in the air but it didnt seeem like it wanted to hurt me. I finally just turned on the light and it was gone.

Then I started researching everything tuesday and learned all kinds of information. Then Tuesday night I was sleeping on my side and suddenly I awoke and knew it was there. I turned and looked and sure enough it was there. I was fully awake then.. Then last night I was sleeping on my back I woke up scared I was having a heartache.. My heart was beating so fast it was more of a hum. I was freaking out and then I hear a voice he sounds totally cool like hes trying to help calm me down.. “woah woah man.. Chillout. Its okay bro. youre good… Then it changes tone and says ‘ youre not from here ‘ ” please calm down” I was just sitting listening to this voice with no body.. Then I started felling crazy.. I saw an array of lights around me but very very dim.. I could just barely see it. And the voice says. “Calm down were gonna take you” I said “No what? Is this real? Prove this is real or im yelling for my mom cause I’m having a heartattack” I started to move around and he says ” stop moving or we cant take you” They weren’t saying this aggressively… They were just kinda asking me to come. But I moved to much and my heart beat immediately but the voice stayed just saying “calm down Calm down” I just kept saying “Prove this is real. Prove this is real”. Then something took the shape of a mans face in the corner but no more voice after that..

As I laid there I noticed it looked like I had strange letters and designs tattooed all over my arms I was examining it and it seemed to have a metallic green look to it. Shining in the little bit of light in my room. so then after looking at it for about 5 minutes I turned on my light and it was gone. I still feel like something is with me.. I’m not exactly scared just curious as to what this is all about.

Can anyone give any insight? Sorry for long post. I wanted include a lot of of detail. Please help me understand whats going on. Should I stay still and let them take me next time?

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Sorry my misunderstanding. your story came up in the Ghosts section of this site.

Posted : Sat 19 Oct 2013 09:12
I don't feel like it was ghostly. I'm very very open minded. I know secrets from the deep web you couldn't possibly imagine. I feel like this was some sort of alien encounter. While whatever this was, was talking to me he said something about taking me where I belong. He said "your one of us, your time here is over". Nothing happened last night. Honestly I really want to know if this its real and if they are going to come to me again. I would go willingly, as long as I didn't think I would be tortured.And I really didn't get that feeling. It felt more like he was just in a rush and like he was worried about me. I felt very safe, and it almost seemed like this being cared for me. I got strong feelings of compassion.

Posted : Sat 19 Oct 2013 00:03
I find it interesting that you feel this is a ghostly or spiritual experience. People with a different mind set would consider it more like alien contact. For my part I also consider the possibilities of multi dimensional or time parallels. There are many ways of looking at this. But all I would say is trust your intuition. We have lost too much contact with our instincts, but if you find you do have some, trust them. Sorry I cant shed any real light on your situation, but do keep us posted, and my best wishes for a happy outcome.

Posted : Fri 18 Oct 2013 22:45
Very strange, but I would not allow them to take you, seems to be they are trying to convince you to go, they must need your permission to take you, this does not sound like a regular attempted abduction, just be careful and keep asking questions, you do seem to be asking the right questions, seems very mysterious the dark smoke an symbols almost occult! Good luck Marksey13 keep us updated, this is very interesting!

Posted : Fri 18 Oct 2013 17:40
This experience occurred on the Mon 14 Oct 2013 00:00
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