A Blue-eyed Shadow Ghosts Apparitions In Milton Keynes, United Kingdom April 2000

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A Blue-eyed Shadow

I first saw this being when I was 7 or 8 years old.

I am unsure whether it is an extraterrestrial, or a spirit, but it has always terrified me. I am a 22 year old man, from North Lincolnshire England, but I was living in Buckinghamshire at the time of my sightings. They lasted right up until July 1st, 2014.

As I said, at around 7 years old, I first saw it. I had woken up at around 2:30AM and was in desperate need of the toilet. So, I got up and opened my bedroom door. As I took a step into the hallway of our Bungalow, I looked up into the hallway and, around 7ft from the ground, I looked directly into these large ice-blue eyes. The were staring directly at me, and seemed full of agitated curiousity. I was too terrified to even scream, but the moment I saw them I turned back, and slammed my door behind me as I ran back into my room and hid under the covers. I was too terrified to even dare go back out of my room that night.

The next morning I peeked out of my room and saw no signs of life. Later, I tried telling my Mum what I saw, but she dismissed it and told me it might have been my dad coming to check on me. I found this doubtful as my father is quite a short man. For years after I never saw the "Shadow" as I called it, but I could feel that it was there, beyond my range of comprehension.

In this interlude, about five or six months later, I had a sighting of something else quite strange. It was a Moonless night. We had been to Scotland to visit family, and were making the long drive back. I had fallen asleep in the car as it was quite late. At around 1:00AM I awoke and I felt on edge and alert. I looked to my right out of the rear passenger window and spotted something that both scared and awed me.

A great, round edged, triangular shape was flying a distance away from the car, it was blacker than the sky, and blocked out the stars. Now I look back on it the shape reminds me of a Stealth Bomber, but it was gigantic, and still quite far off. What caught my eye to the shape though was that it was freckled with huge, pulsating lights. They were every colour I could possibly think of, and so beautiful. They were fading and brightening in a calm, flowing, hypnotic pattern. After about 10 seconds, as if on cue, the lights flashed angrily in a nonsense pattern that hurt my eyes and the object dashed away and upwards, disappearing in a moment.

I didn't dare tell my parents, as I remembered being dismissed when I tried to explain my first encounter.

From that time onwards I experienced strange sights, sounds, and a constant sense of something being close by. My mother shared a few of these experiences such as seeing a tented, glowing object; and seeing small, perfectly rounded orbs of glimmering rainbow light. Recently, I drew a picture of the Shadow, and my mother became quickly discomforted seeing it. She Explained that it was reminiscent of something she saw when she was 18 years old.

When I reached 15 years of age, The Shadow returned, but this time it didn't go away. Every time I was alone, and it had become dark it was there, following me. It was always around 15-20 feet away, and I never saw it move. It never entered my mother's home, which was blessed by a priest.

At 16 years old I left home to live by myself. I learned from a Druid how to perform Cleansings and Blessings so that I could protect my home and myself from any unwanted "visitors". The Shadow never entered my home, and never followed me onto blessed grounds. But still, it would be there, at my window, watching.

I hated it then, and couldn't stand to look into those eyes. I became irritable as I couldn't sleep, and couldn't tell people about it without being told I was "Mad" or "Just seeing things," I became severely depressed, and went to the doctor.
He prescribed me anti-depressants that made me hyperactive all the time, and I couldn't feel any real fear or sadness on them. I felt hollow. Yet, The Shadow was still there.

At the age of 21 I moved back in with my mother. My most terrifying experience was on the 13th Feruary 2014.

I was cleaning the Garden as we had quite a lot of dogs at the time, and it took me a long time to get through all of it. Before I realised it, it had become very dark, and I still had to take the bags of waste down to the bins, around 50 feet from my home. I felt suddenly uneasy however, and in previous years had come to associate this feeling with the coming of The Shadow. I laughed it off and told myself to stop being a "tit" and proceeded to heft one of the rather heavy bags up into my arms. I took a few steps down to the open gate as I wanted to finish the job quickly, and I saw it there.

It was standing just the other side of the hedge, which was bare from the winter frost, and it was looking at me. The eyes seemed different this time, and I can only describe them as having a mad gleam of triumph, The Shadow was billowing as if it were made of barely contained, black smoke. I somehow knew that this wasn't going to be very pleasant. Suddenly it moved and was merely three feet from my, and the smoke was boiling from it's body now. I didn't blink and miss it's movement, my eyes had been locked firmly on it.

I let out a girlish shriek and threw the bag at it like it was nothing more than a ball of tissue, though it was in fact around 20KG of muck and mud, and I turned tail and sprinted the 10 feet back to the back door. As I opened the door I felt a swish of wind at my back and I dived inside, slamming the door behind me. I became mildly hysterical at that point and refused to go out, and I told my mum everything that had happened. She sent someone out with me to clean up the mess, as I was in quite the state.

The Shadow wasn't in sight, but I could feel it was there, waiting for the opportunity. The Person with me even commented that he felt he was being watched. So, we cleaned the mess up quickly, took it down to the bins, and ran back into the house.

This was the last time I saw it. I moved 172 miles away to North Lincolnshire and it seems to have lost track of me.

When I realised this on July 10th 2014, I looked back and realised that every time I had moved home, it lost me for a short time.

This is the longest I have been without seeing the Shadow, today it the 26th of January 2015. I can't sense it anywhere near, but I know it it still there somewhere.

Ever since I drew the picture many people have said it makes them feel really uneasy, as though it is watching them.

I have included the drawing along with this article in the hopes that someone here might be able to tell me something, anything.

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Hope your ok! Sounds like you have something they need, I believe this is a type of a repeat abduction, there are aliens that can just float you up to the ship and there are other aliens that do it in two stages of abduction they have men/aliens on the ground to get you and bring you to the ship and bring you home, they are also able to suppress our memories of certain events, hang in there, wish ya luck!

Posted : Sun 31 Jan 2016 20:09
This experience occurred on the Tue 11 Apr 2000 02:30
This experience lasted more than a year
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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
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