Using my grandfather's death as cover-up in

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Using my grandfather's death as cover-up in

First, I am going to use my Grandfather's death on December 5, 2007 as a marking point where things got "a little strange."

I have also posted a picture, upon looking closely I circled in white where what appears to be a triangular hook-like shape with 2 dots. (you have to look closely)

My mother, uncle and grandmother all saw a UFO and smoke in the back of their house in the 70's, so I am led to believe it could be attached to my mom's side of the family.

I was living alone with my mom and was Sixteen at the time. Upon my mom telling me the news of my grandfather's death, I instantly started crying and said "oh no", but instead of hugging me she just stood back starring at me strangely, with a very cold look in her eyes. The whole moment just felt "off" and "scripted" and although I was crying, I also felt a certain numbness and nothingness about it.

For the weeks following I began having sleep paralysis and strange dreams. One in particular was like none I've ever had, which I will explain.

I was dreaming that I was in my room, standing up facing the empty bed that I had got up out of. There was a tall naked gremlin/humanoid type creature crouched down with its back towards me, and it telepathically sent me a message saying it was my Grandfather who had fallen down, and needed my help getting off the floor. This creature was in no way my grandfather. I suddenly felt an intense pain, as if the creature had seeped itself in my body and was taking over, and was trying to push my soul out of my body, with the repeated message that "it was my Grandfather trying to stay alive longer." I felt like I was going to lose my body and felt such intense fear and knew it was not my grandfather.

I then woke up but was in a sleep-paralysis state. I was in intense pain, tried moving but everything felt heavy. The only things I could see were reflections of large clearish eyes inside of my own eyes. I could not close my eyes to stop seeing them, because it was like there was a mirror of it that followed wherever my eyes moved and looked. In that moment it felt like the eyes were almost testing my levels of fear terror,which were so high, and I got no emotion from it, just a blank, probing intense stare. The more terror I felt the more intensely they focused deep into my soul. I felt like it was "reading me" like I was a disc drive, no emotion. Once again it gave me the message that "it was my grandfather visiting."

Since then I have seen random triangular formations with dots on my forehead that looked like a small scar, which came out in one picture when closely examined. When I moved back to my Grandmother's house with my brother in 2008, my brother told me that one night I was sleep walking in my room banging around. He said in the following hours he had walked past my room and he saw the lights on but I wasn't in there, or in the bathroom/ kitchen. The next day he told me this and I didn't remember any of it, and still don't know where I was.

Since then I have been suffering from depression and extreme insomnia (2008-now). It was incredibly hard for me to finish college because I developed sudden inability to concentrate, almost like there is a big sudden block in my brain. I have also had images and memories of my ex strangely and permanently stuck as is crystalized, never being able to forget or get over, never being able to form new relationships since that time... as if extreme trauma had happened between us but there was none. It's like my memory has been tampered with and damaged in the relationship sector. I have never touched a drug in my life. I have only told my brother about how I feel like something happened to me, because since then I've become increasingly more isolated and "not feeling myself." I even looked back into a blog I was writing around 2008 where I made a post labeled "something is changing me." and it was around that exact time. Half of me concludes I have a vivid imagination, but something deeper in my intuition says otherwise.

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Wow, i have to say you are intelligent and after reading your experience, i have to say, without a doubt in "my" mind you have been abducted most probability multiple times, this is not a bad thing on the contrary, you are here with missing memory gaps, but physically you are fine, so i do not think they want to physically harm you, they need you to help them, i just wish they did not screw with our memories an tell us the truth, maybe they are not allowed!
Wish you luck!
PS: Have you tried hypnotism

Posted : Sun 31 Jan 2016 19:49
This experience occurred on the Wed 05 Dec 2007 00:00
This experience lasted between 20 and 30 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
New Canaan, Connecticut, United States of America
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