on my bed 1967 Possessions Abductions January 1970

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on my bed 1967


I was 8 years old, i lived in small town in the mountains in italy. as usual i went to take a nap in early afternoon. i was on the bed. when something happened. i was lifted stil laying position up wards. than straight up and pulled. thru my tiny window thru the walls of my bed room.

I found myself with 3 beings . they were 2 tall and one small size like me. i was standing near this round craft with lots of lights on it. the one man, sounded like a voice of a man, said do not be afraid we are not trying to harm you. we only whant to study you. than he said what is it that you have on your face? i said by pointing to myself this is my nose this is my mouth . he said we dont have a heart we dont have a face our world you will live for ever, you will stay little, your age, for ever. come with us. i say no i want to get old . than he said come here. i said no he said look at the round glass, is this what you whant? who are this peple i said. that is my grand mother shes looking for me and they are my friends. than he pulled me mind matter to this couch red and velvet. he said i'll be back, lay doun. then when he lfte the little one been spoke she sounded like a little girl she said, i lke her mommy. lets take her with us. the tall being sounded like a adult woman, she said lets ask her first.  i said no thanks, she answared you see she dont want to.

the tall man being returned. i had to lay down he then was holding the bigest needle i ever seen. he inserted in my belly botton and removed water from my belly. and left again . when he returned he was counting saying we travel trillions  of miles every minute. we go all over the worlds. we dont want to hurt you we are trying to figuret out about you . well this was the last words.

i found myself next to a small river all alone i went home from there.  i have no mammory of how i got there at all. my first experimce with loosing time was in 1987 i went to check my mail it was 11am in the morning. when i walk in the house it was dark out sise and 4 pm. in i second i lost 5 hours. i still do today and its very un real to me.

they told me do not think of us we have you from now on if you talk about us we will return to get you. in 1990 i spoke a lot about tham. and one day i was walking thrue a park when i thought i was beeing watched. than i said iam. iam beeing watched. i l ooked up and there it was. a round objects. round and round i checked again to make sure. it lifed up sp fast going round and round it was not a airplane. i though it was them. i never spoke about them ever again. this is my first time in 40 years. its nice to know that ther are peaple out there too that have known this extrordinary think. i guess god will for some of us. good luck with the mamories god bless you and god bless all of yous us especially. us that has experirienced this phenomena.

good by maria

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Very interesting! Could be interdimensional beings! Wish you all the best!

Posted : Sun 31 Jan 2016 19:33
This experience occurred on the Wed 10 Apr 1968 00:00
This experience lasted between 10 and 20 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
Added : Fri 6 Mar 2015 15:19
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