p0ssesson in italy Ghosts Poltergeists January 1970

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possesson in italy

i was 8 years old my parents were just about to relocate to another home in a very small town under a mountiain. when we got to the home the peaple near came out to tell my father not to rent the home  becouse  it was haunted. my father did not believe in this. well we all move in in few weeks i began to exparience door opening in my room knocking sounds. my bed started to rise so high up this when n for two weeks no one believed me .. one day i got home from school i was alone in the house when a door opened an ther was a demon not touching the floor at all, he spoke to me he said your family did this to you i been whaching you for days than he said i am a demon my father the devil sent me to get you. he went on and on he said so much about God that the world was his that the peaple belonged to his father. and that he was going to possess me and the day i got married my husband he than woul kill. well i went on i came to america he followed me he has been with me for ever . just last month he pulled me off my bed and scrached me very bad. he pulles on my cover all the time i speak another language some times. he wakes me up by blowing hot are on my face and roares so loud. i just do not know what to do to get this demon out of my life. good by if ther is any one else out ther please write? i know it will help me thank you maria

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I feel sad for you, i wish only happiness, i am not well versed in demonology, i would say confide in a "trusted" friend for advice or a priest.
I hope everything works out!!

Posted : Sun 31 Jan 2016 19:28
This experience occurred on the Sat 08 Jun 1968 00:00
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