Alien abduction (can someone help) UFO's Abductions

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Alien abduction (can someone help)


First time I have told my story. Believe it or dont believe it. I know it happened. I know they are real.

I remember I was asleep in my bed and all of a sudden I woke up and saw a being standing to the right of my bed. I remember looking at it and saying "No fucking way" before the being pointed its finger at me and I just passed out, saw nothing but black. The next thing I can remember was I was floating up, like a stereotypical abduction movie or story I remember being lifted up into the air right outside of my home. I couldnt move, I couldnt scream. I remember a sense of panic because all i could see was stars and i am terrified of heights. My stomach dropped as i felt i was just gonna drift off into space. But then I passed out again, or my memory was blank.

The next thing I remember I am in a dimly lit room with red lighting. There was 1 one of the aliens in the corner of the room just observing, and 2 to right side of me. I remember I was either strapped down or something because i could still freely move my legs. I was crying and screaming begging for help. Pleading for them to stop. I remember kicking my legs and curling up as that was the only thing that i could move. And it was telepathically that these aliens talked to me because they never seemed to open their mouth at all, but they told me "Seth, stop, it is fine, it will all be over soon." How they knew my name I have no clue but after that I felt a sense of calm and I was paralyzed.

Then the "experiments" started. I remember seeing a large tube or a needle, something, i cant remember vividly being injected into my right arm. And then one of the things took a scrapy tool thing and scraped some off my skin off. Almost like as if you have dead skin and it falls off. They did that and collected it. Idk why or what they would do with my skin shavings? Can anyone elaborate?? Next thing that i can vividly remember and this part still makes me emotional to this day. I remember being in the forest getting dropped off by them. Where these woods were located I have no clue. But im guessing near my home somewhere. I dont actually remember seeing a craft shape but more a REALLY BRIGHT light. I could see one of these things standing there at the entrance to what im guessing was the craft. and the other one was standing directly in front of me. It was at this point I knew what race this thing was, or I found out after researching it more. It was a reptilian. Its eyes were glossy and black, and otherworldly HUGE. But at the same time I felt like i could stare into them forever.It had huge high cheekbones and it just literally looked like a reptile.

I dont know why I had said this and I still cant understand why I would to this day but I started begging them to let me stay with them, let me come with them , I can help them. I kept saying it over and over again, literally begging. Then the one standing in front of me said "You have already helped us. You need to go." And i kept persisting , and the one standing near the craft entrance said "This one has a strong will." I remember after he said that the reptilian standing in front of me spread its mouth WIDE and revealed the sharpest, yellow, grossest looking teeth and it almost growled. I still remember this so vividly and I was so scared that I stepped back and was startled. It then pointed its finger somewhere into the woods and I walked away.

I remember nothing after that except arriving at my house when the sun was just rising, opening my fence, walking inside the back sliding door, going to my room, and collapsing in exhaustion on my bed. What still puzzles me to this day is why didn't they just drop me off back at my house where they got me? Why make me walk all the way to my house which must of taken a couple of hours since i got dropped off at night and arrived when the sun was rising???? How did I know the way home? What did they need my skin for and what was injected into my arm? Can anyone help me understand more please?

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First let me say up front, reading this sent "chills up my spine", you had quite an experience, i am glad your "ok" i have been reading up on the reptilian aliens and they are not always so gentle, maybe you should get more than one opinion about what they injected into your arm, never tell the doctors you think it is alien, just say it is causing you great discomfort, that way you will get honest information, and when they took your skin tissue, maybe for "DNA" they are in our skin cells, honestly who knows(I hope it was for clones so we are not on the menu!) Again i would not wait too long get that thing out of your arm! Take care wish you well!

Posted : Sun 31 Jan 2016 18:53
I believe you 100%. I don't think that you are crazy.

Posted : Sat 12 Dec 2015 21:43
Thanks for sharing your story. I just joined myself and will post one shortly. I found yours very familiar and I can most certainly say you've been abducted previously to the time you're sharing here and you probably have blocked it out. It's so difficult to live with this, especially when others don't understand or even want to listen. Take care.

Posted : Sun 29 Mar 2015 18:01
This experience lasted between 4 and 8 hours
This experience has occurred only once.
Added : Tue 17 Mar 2015 05:42
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