THE GRAVE WATCHERS Apparitions Other Weird Stuff... In Sydney, Canada July 1974

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As a boy i was always interested in the mysterious reports of the paranormal,as a young man i have "personally" witnessed unexplained things, myself and a few friends used to try to contact spirits/ghosts in old cemetery's, using our young sensitivity to sense our surroundings, on several occasions, we saw ghostly figures dressed in older clothes one lady had a beautiful big fluffy gown on and seemed to sail across the graveyard,we had been investigating for about two weeks,we were shocked at first, "apprehensive" if we should continue, but we kept "on",the next time about four days later we saw another apparition this fellow really scared "us" i was only fifteen at the time, we called him the "old glaring man", just a face with a foggy wispy body but he just had this penetrating cold stare, one of the worst scares we got was a hot night in july the wind was blowing through trees and creating shadows from the moonlight on the gravestones in a matter of a maybe ten seconds the wind died and a dark shadow started to cover the moon the strange thing is it was a crystal clear night, we had no flashlights with us at this time, let me tell you when there is no moon and no city lights it is "pitch black", but when it started to get dark, we started back to our nap sacks to get our lights,let me tell you when there is no moon and no city lights it is pitch black, i said to my friends grab the end my jacket so we stay together, it was now so dark you could not see in front of you, this is when we heard the sound, hard to describe but it sounded like a big" file" shaving metal and we heard this all around us, we just "froze" wondering what it was, we all started walking again, the sound seemed to be all around us but not getting closer thankfully, about ten minutes had elapsed and the moon came back as bright as ever and we could see there was not a cloud in the sky, what ever the "dark matter" was, we figured it only covered the graveyard not the moon because the sky was clear, to this day i still wonder what exactly happened, we all still talk about it,we were thinking of making a "tv series" out of our experiences and there are "thousands of graveyards" all over, still this peaks my interest in the paranormal to this day!

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my sister was walking was through an exceptionally large graveyard, with her husband near to her home.As the walked,the road ahead was split by a huge monument,my sister went one way,her husband the other.My sister could see a man in front of her,this guy kept looking back,and picking up pace.Each time he looked,he got faster,so my sister began to pick up pace at the same time,no sign of her husband.This man kept looking backwards,faster,and faster,this guy went until he burst into a run.Completely afiad my sister ran after him,until her husband came into view,and they met up.She had calmed down and told her husband about the other guy,and how it had scared her.Eventually they reached the main gate,and standing their was this guy,pale and out of breath.My sister asked why he had been running,So he said,evertime I turned around,i could see a woman dressed all in white,and as he picked up speed,so did the woman and he thought a ghost was following him.My sister didn't stop to think,that it was her dressed fully in white that was following the poor bloke,and scaring him to death.

Posted : Fri 4 Mar 2016 17:07
This experience occurred on the Fri 12 Jul 1974 00:00
This experience lasted more than a year
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Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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