Could some ghost sightings be views to other times?

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NEW - Time Slips



We have created this new category as we have a number of experiences which involve what might be called Time Slips.

Quoting from the authors John & Anne Spencer in their book The Encyclpedia of Ghosts and Spirits...(available in Our Favourites in our Amazon store)...

"Many ghosts are on the face of it, apparitions of individuals out of their normal location or time. Perhaps at least some ghost reports of this nature can be explained as 'time slips'. This is the theory that occasionally 'windows' can open up between two times allowing some kind of vision through that window. Whether or not these are glimpses into other times, or whether some form of time travel takes place on the part of either the witness or the ghost, is still very much open to question."

At times we have come across stories of missing time, perhaps these events are related.