Lunar Building in the shadows of a Crater UFO's Photographic Curiosities March 2011

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Lunar Building in the shadows of a Crater

This is one of the clearest indications of a a building of some sorts, on the Lunar surface. It has not been Smudged, as it was not noticed by NASA.
This photo has more than you can bargain for. How about a weird Mine Dump Area ? Nasa was also very interested in this Area!
Following all the terrain on the Moon and looking in the light and shadow area's, made me find it. This is one of the well known craters.
Google Earth unfortunately does not allow you to get a clearer picture.
Thanks Nasa!


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Myself i stopped searching for things on the moon i now look at the big picture,i search for there air brushing or magnafied pixels,that tells me there is somthing there,and i try to clean it up,it works very well for me,i believe the whole or complete Moon is already been finished by NASA retouched and air brushed etc anything that used to be there is buried,so now i look for there mistakes,if by chance i find an untouched photo it`s a bonus,but like i say i don`t expect it..i do still find the odd new one online,their are still old pictures of the moon people gathered years ago still out there,that i am sure off,you know it IS difficult to find a place to upload your photos to serious people interested, if you are a novice,99% percent of all moon or ufo site wont alow you to upload witout login in,,now think about it,if you do have earth shattering pictures would you want to give your name out to them,as far as he is concerned you could be the goverment under cover,and he might just get a knock on the door the next day!I think a lot of these sites loose out on important pictures or data,they dont make it easy!! Thank God for sites like

Posted : Tue 29 Jan 2013 22:20
Checked out allens discussions,he knows what he is talking about,would you like to see real closeup of the whole moon? Check tis place out

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 16:48
Just one more thing,a few years ago i lost 80% of my photos and important data,my house an several others got hit by an enormous surge of electrictiy and fried most of my electronic divices,i strong recomend any important data you may have on dvd disks,no solid state drives or usb sticks,or online storage,i could go in to detail about these drives reliabilty,there are a lot of things that can render them useless,just thought i would mention that,maybe it will prevent someone from loseing the lifes work,whatever they are storeing

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 16:30
I will check out the site thanks,i dont fully believe in coincidence,these photos if you find them are probality,leaked out by insiders,not being treated well by those in the know,also these people are just like you and me,no mater how smart they think are they make mistakes too,,human error!there are hundreds of photos years ago that they tried to smudge or airbrush out,but in those days they didnt do a very good job,inexperence etc,they are alot of the photos you see online,most people that have these old pictures reupload them,for whatever reason most people horde them and will not share,it is a strange world out there,but like i say nasa still makes mistakes the odd one,and a photo get out!Just keep gathering the evidence,because dont believe for a second it will be their tomorrow,nasa etc are looking for those mistakes too!

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 16:18
HI Exeter,
I have someone on UFOs/FORUMS named Alan, and believe me he has answers, even I cannot understand. Give this website a view, and tell us what you think of his answers regarding closeups! Website

40 years on and we still have crappy photos !

Posted : Tue 26 Apr 2011 12:49
It seems odd that (NASA) had not noticed anything. As hard as they try to conceal any evidence of uncharacteristic images on the lunar surface, I am surprised at their negligence. So much the better, I should think.

Posted : Fri 1 Apr 2011 20:01
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