Did I find alien fossils Ghosts Poltergeists In Bakersfield, United States of America January 1970

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Did I find alien fossils

Dear friend's,
I know I stir up a lot of controversy being that I claim to have found
alien artifacts, took photos of what it is I found and yet even though
some of the stones I found are so incredibly close to the
configurations of what people say aliens look like.
I found so many of these faces that all appear to look like aliens
that there were 2 that remained that I did not identify as a alien
fossil for it was placed in my garden. Here's the two I am showing
you that are not only unique but they both have what I know is
evidence and with your help get them to the right people will
indeed prove that 1) the green head child size has so many
features that can not be denied as well as when you photograph
it right in the eye sockets appears eyes human like wow.
The other one has something that will not only prove it but may
have DNA for if you look closely there are bone fragments on top
of this skull now come on I never tried getting famous over this I
just found some thing that perhaps in good time was to be shown
to man.
Here's the part where ok either I am a real hoaxer or the story
really didn't end with just the finding these strange faces on stone.
I actually have been visited by aliens so many times I cant count
not only to I claim such things they allowed me to photograph them.

Clearly a lot of the pictures are not photo studio quality that’s
because I believe when I had photograph most of them they appear
to be in like another dimension with in our reach.
The next 2 postings will be 1) of the find of evidence and the
second will be the proof. After you see that I am not a liar or
someone who needs attention by trying to gather up so much
thought and appearance to fool you or the world.
Fact: I am the living proof and when you see that its time to
tell my story have my evidence reviewed, bring this out to show
people hey there here this guy has not only artifacts but actual
photo evidence.

Sincerely Submitted,
Eric Kaesberg

Ist time I found them

2nd time I found these faces on rocks

3rd location



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This experience occurred on the Sat 01 Jan 2000 00:00
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Bakersfield, California, United States of America
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