The Secret of Olyphant UFO's Sightings In Olyphant, United States of America February 2011

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The Secret of Olyphant

The Secret of Olyphant, The greatest, the most incredible, the most shocking and the most censored theory/story in world history.

The story that the evil establishment does not want you to know. The town of Olyphant Pa. is the most mysterious town in world history. The town has a hidden world that no one knew about. The town is designed after ancient Egypt but the great mystery is that no one knew about it. For instance there is a giant sphinx in Olyphant 5mi long and no one knew it. Olyphant means the secret of the gods. The basic secret of the pyramids can be found in Olyphant. All natural objects in the universe are made from Pyramids of Light and that you do not actually die but live forever. Our resaearches have discovered a door or portal in Olyphant that leads into another world or dimension and is being used by ufos. The spirit of Houdini is all over Olyphant.

For more info go to google and punch in secret of Olyphant. To see the pyramid, the giant sphinx and the churches Orion star pattern go to Olyphant scrolls or Olyphant mystery. To see the secrets of Jesus Christ who is God, Einsteins Unified Field Theory which he never discovered and I did and other stories go to google and punch in newspapers York pa. and then go to York daily record and then forum and then faith and religion and then the third or fourth page on the forum there is many stories about olyphant. Olyphant a town of incredible magic and mystery, a town frozen in Egyptian time, a town trapped in the twilight zone. Olyphant and another world, Olyphant and Orion. secret knowledge from another world. Olyphant where science meets religion, Who created Olyphant?

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This experience occurred on the Wed 09 Feb 2011 00:00
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Olyphant, Pennsylvania, United States of America
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