Freddy Jackson, Sir Victor Goddards Squadron ghostly face in photograph

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Freddy Jackson, Sir Victor Goddards Squadron

Taken in 1919, this picture is a group portrait of Sir Victor Goddard's squadron.

To the back of Goddard, positioned on the top row, fourth from the left, you can see the face of another man. It could be the face of Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic who had been killed accidentally by an airplane propeller two days earlier.
This photograph was taken the day of his funeral, and members of the squadron easily recognized his face.
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Super cool i remember this,no one can disprove this,it cant be a double exposer because more people or more people would be in,photograpy back then,the image would have been in front in the back,anyway i am not an expert,but experts examined it completely,and could not explain it,give you chills1

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 22:39
This experience has occurred only once.
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