Entity limbed on me .Then years later climbed on my then wife. Abductions

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Entity climbed on me .Then years later climbed on my then wife.


About 18 years ago I had gone to bed just like any night. I do not take drugs or drink. I went to sleep and some time during the night I felt something crawling up on me. It started at my lower legs and was crawling up to my chest. I could not open my eyes. It felt like it was some kind of hoffed animal. I wanted to move but could not. I was thinking what the heck is this what is happening. It semed to last for a few minutes then the weight of this thing was gone. I then could open my eyes and there was nothing.

Years later I had gotten married. We had been married for about 3 years. I never told my then wife anything about that night of this entity. I just forgot about it. Me and my wife went to sleep. At one point of the night my wife hit me and yelled. Oh my God honey there was some hoffed thing just crawling up me it felt like it was about 40 pounds. This had not happened to me other then that one time years before and now years later was on my wife. What it was I could not say. I could not move as I said nor could she till it was gone. But as time has gone on cannot be sure. But I believe now it was a alien being. Why it was crawling on me then years later my wife is hard to even guess. It could be something as simple as just wanting to feel the warmth of a human body. Or who knows maybe one day I will have a answer but for now just another wierd day of the unknown for me and others.



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when i was 17,i was lying asleep in bed,and awoke with a feeling of something or someone moving up my body,as it did,i was becoming unable to move,as it reached my chest,i became so terrified,i forced myself somehow to leap out,and ran screaming towards my mothers room and awaking the whole house.it realy scared me..

Posted : Mon 22 Feb 2016 23:19
Sounds like a bisexual ghost or demon the possabilties are endless, Very Strange!!!

Posted : Wed 30 Jan 2013 16:42
This experience lasted between 1 and 5 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
Added : Thu 29 Sep 2011 14:00
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