Face in the mossy netting Ghosts Photographic Anomalies September 2011

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Face in the mossy netting

I am posting this to tie in with my comment on the Hawaii face in the water.
I'm quite sure this face was a trick of the light.






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Hay i just realized,if you click two sometimes 3 time on the picture it clears up,,now i see the face clearly,really awesome,its like someone standing there behind the curtain except you see no physical form really freaky!!!,excelent photo,i wonder who it it is,was there any deaths there?

Posted : Wed 13 Mar 2013 23:25
Sorry the pictue is to small an waxy,i barely see the eyes,i do see where your comming from,an illusion right?

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 22:19
This experience occurred on the Thu 01 Sep 2011 00:00
This experience lasted between 5 and 10 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
Added : Sat 8 Oct 2011 12:09
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