Dark figure visits during the night

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Abduction or just contact with a strange figure during the night
I fell asleep in my recliner at approximately 9:00 PM. My dogs slept on both sides of my chair on the floor.My boyfriend was on the couch next to my recliner and he was asleep also.
At approximately 3:00 AM, I awoke to a horrific, jabbing pain in my mid-lower back right on my spinal column.Upon awakening, I can vividly remember sitting up and grabbing my back at the same time. As I turned to sit all the way up I saw a "large human like figure" turn away from me and proceed to walk toward my front door with some sort of very large, clear syringe he placed on his right hip like a gun would be placed for carrying purposes.I remember trying to scream out, and pointed at the same time but "nothing" would come out of my mouth no matter how hard I attempted to shout. I could not produce even a whisper. It was as if he possessed some sort of power over my actions until he was out of my sight. He never once turned around where I could see his face, but he was all "black" and "soldier like" in his walk, like on a mission he needed to complete. He was very muscular and strong in appearance. I remember immediately grabbing my arms and saying to myself, "Oh my God, I am not dreaming, this really did happen and this alien creature just inserted something into my back; or took something out." I had no further pain from that episode and could not bring myself to even tell my boyfriend about it for approximately 6 months thinking my family would think I was insane.
One of the weirdest things about the situation was that both my dogs never even budged, nor did my boyfriend wake up during the incident. I was in total disbelief, yet not scared for some odd reason, maybe because he never showed his face, I don’t know. However, to this day, I don't know if he possibly abducted me during the night and had just finished bringing me back to consciousness by inserting some sort of medication to awaken me or not. I "do know" for a fact that he had just finished using that large syringe on me because I watched his motions intently and he was walking away and at the same time placing that syringe to his hip "holster.
The last thing I saw was him walking towards the front door, but right before he got to it he veered to the air-conditioning vent as if he had come from it, possibly from underground. I wonder.
I then faded out for approximately 30 minutes and awoke with a very clear, vivid remembrance of this event. I never believed or even thought something like this could be true, but I now KNOW they are out there and in OUR homes at their own leisure!
They are "quiet," "meticulous," "strong," "unafraid," and I think "curious" in nature. They seem to be in a "time zone" that only they are familiar with, and seem to have that mastered so well as to quietly appear as they "need or want to" then disappear without a trace.
Things are still happening here in Gulf Breeze and now in my new residence as "glowing type" foot prints are appearing continually everywhere on my carpet during the night!
I am not a storyteller and would LOVE to take a polygraph so badly. People believe me; I do not know if there has been some sort of government cover-up about this UFO issue, but why would we have full-grown aliens walking around right now in our homes of all places. They had to grow to get that big, so there has to be many, many more of them, right?
OMG! I do not know why "I" am being targeted as an "experiment" to "him" or "them," but it is not ending for me, I really am not scared because I have never lost faith in my God above, he has his hand on me, but I really, really need some help on this other issue.
I am not a gossip or yapper, and would not be writing this if it were not true, but heed my words now: we ARE being watched and experimented on. I just don’t know why or what they want.
Be safe and please believe this is no joke folks, I now know they DO exist.
Thanks to UFO Casebook and MUFON CMS.
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That's right. The Djinn are jealous of humans since they are not permitted to have a flesh and blood body . The humans were without bodies at one time eons ago. Now they have a body that the human can get back again after thew human dies(resurrection). The resurrected human is a physical person with bones and flesh that lives forever. The resurrected human is to be put over the bodiless angels(and bodiless demons and Satan too). " Put over" means have power and authority over invisible demons and the Devil and Djinn(ufos). This is why Satan or Iblis hates humans ,because he has no material body.

Posted : Sun 2 Jun 2013 00:52
Those involved in incantations and oaths often swear by some devils to help them against others. Sometimes the evil Jinn fulfil their request but frequently they do not, especially when the Jinn against whom help is sought is honored among them. Neither the one chanting incantations nor his incantations have any power to force the devils to help them. The reciter of incantations earnestly entreats a being whom he considered great – which may or may not be the case – to harm others who may conceivably be greater. In the case where someone entreats the Jinn to harm someone whom the Jinn hold in high esteem, they will ignore him. In fact, it may prevent them from even responding at all. Their situations is quite similar to that of humans except that human beings are generally more intelligent, truthful, just and trustworthy while the Jinn tend to be ignorant, untruthful, oppressive and treacherous.

The point is that though the oaths and incantations of devil-worshippers may contain statements of idolatry and disbelief, they are frequently ineffective against the Jinn. When requested to kill or apprehend another Jinn who has possessed a human, the Jinn will often mock those who make the request by falsely giving them the impression that they killed or detained the offending Jinn. This is especially so in cases where humans believe in the illusions created by the Jinn. The Jinn usually communicate by either visions or voices ["The gleaning of hidden information by way of visions and voices has been well documented among clairvoyants and mediums. 'A medium' may be defined as a person through whose agency or through whose orgainsm there are received communications ostensibly from deceased human beings or other discarnate or remote entities. In what is called 'clairvoyant mediumship' -now popularly known as channelling- the meduim 'sees' or 'hears' the deceased friends and relatives of persons persent and relays messages from them. Generally speaking, the experiences concerned seem not to have the distinctness of ordinary perception but are rather a seeing or hearing 'in the mind's eye' or ear. Sometimes, however, the figures seen or voices heard may attain as hallucinatory vividness; the medium's experience then resembles that of one who witnesses an apparition." (Benjamin B. Wolman. ed., Handbook of Parapsychology, New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1977, pp, 579-580)] with those seeking information among the idol-worshippers, Christians, Jews, and heretical Muslims driven astray by the devils.

JinnS may take the form of a live picture portraying whatever the sorcerers and fortunetellers wish to know about. When these deviants see the image of what they sought, they then inform other humans about it. Some of them may know that the image is actually an illusion, while others may be deluded into believing that they are actually wintessing the real scene. JinnS may also make humans hear the voice of those whom they call upon who are far away. Such cases are frequent among idolaters, Christians, Jews and ignorant Muslims who seek refuge in those whom they consider holy. When some devotees call on their spiritual masters for help saying, “Oh my Lord so and so!” the Jinn will address them in the voice of their masters. When the masters answer their request, the Jinn, in turn, answer the devotees in the masters’ voice. This has happened to many people some of whom are known to me. The devils will often respond while talking the form of the one besought, whether dead or alive, even if he is unaware of those who call on him. Those committing Shirk in this fashion believe that the person beseeched has actually replied when in fact it is the Jinn replying. This frequently happens to Christians who call on those whom they edify, whether dead or alive, like George or other holy figures [ROME, Feb 24 1989 (AFP) - A retired Italian roadman Renato Baron claims that he has been seeing and talking to the Virgin Mary for nearly three years now. Visions by Baron and about THIRTY others have attracted tens of thousands of people from Italy, France, Belgium, and West Germany to a hill near Venice, causing huge traffic jams. Ambridge, Pennsylvania - A small Roman Catholic Church in a western Pennsylvania mill town is preparing for a deluge of pilgrims after a reported Good Friday miracle in which the eyes of a statue of Christ suddenly closed. The Rev. Vincent Cvitkovic, a Franciscan friar, and many of his parishoners reported that the eyes of a life-size statue which depicts the crucified Christ, which have been open for 60 years, closed during a prayer meeting. (The Times, Monday, April 10th 1989, no. 63, 364, p.8) In 1981 a group of five children were playing on a hill just outside of a village in the Yugoslavian Republic of Bosnia - Herzegovina called Medugorje when a vision of a beautiful woman claiming to be the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared before them. Since 1981 some seven to eight million pilgrims from different countries, cultures and Christian traditions have climbed up the holy hill of Medugorje. At 7:30 every evening pilgrims and tourists anxiously crowd around the dark rectory of a nearby church staring at the stream of light which will signify that once more the children, who still gather there daily, are having their private audience with the Blessed Mother. (IRF, Newsletter of the International Religious Foundation, Inc., Vol II, No. 6, Nov-Dec 1987, pp 1-2). Divine grace (salvation) is felt to be especially potent in places visited by Jesus Christ or Saints or by Mary; where they have appeared in visions. Major pilgrimage centers include Lourdes where visions of the Virgin Mary were first seen in 1858 and where healing has been occuring since that time.
It also occurs to heretical Muslims who call on the dead or those not present, and the devils take the form of the one called upon even without him realizing it. I know of many cases where this has occurred and the people called upon have told me that they did not know that they were called upon, though those beseeching them for help saw their images and were convinced that it was the actual person. More than one person has mentioned that they called on me in times of distress, each telling a different story about how I have responded. When I told them that I never answered any of them nor did I know that they were calling on me, some said that it must have been an angel. I told them that angels do not benefit those committing SHIRK and that it was actually a devil trying to further misguide them. Sometimes the Jinn will take the form of those admired and stand at ‘Arafat, and those who believe well of him will think that he actually stood in ‘Arafat. Many others have also been actually carried by the devils to ‘Arafat and other sacred places. In such cases they pass the Meeqaat (boundaries that may not be crossed while on Hajj, around Makkah) without formally entering the state of Ihraam, or performing many of the obligatory rites of Hajj like making the Talbeeyah (chant of response to God’s call) or circulating the Ka’bah, and walking between the mounts of Safaa and Marwah. Among them are some who do not even pass through Makkah, others who stand at ‘Arafat without performing the pre-requisite rite of casting stones at the Jamaraat etc.

Posted : Fri 1 Feb 2013 22:53
I Know about jinns,yes they can be evil,but i never heard them explained from a Muslims perspective before,very interesting,facinating,I am protestant,and our views are simular,you gave MUFON CMS good advice!

Posted : Wed 30 Jan 2013 01:35
I live I. Pensacola fl btw

Posted : Mon 12 Nov 2012 23:09
Hello I'm a Muslim American girl and Im not here to lecture you about my religion Islam or anything, but I have some I interesting information on your exsperience. First of all in my religion we believe the one true God which all christens and Jews and Muslims believe in created angels, humans, and jinns. Now jinns are made from fire. Humans made from clay, and angels made form light. Now I and many other Muslims believe that this other creation God made are aliens, or demons, or ghosts, what ever you want to think they are. In my religion they are described to have been living before the human race and still live amongst us. They can disapre, manipulate matter, travel the heavens (universe) ect. They are what some ppl call demons, ghosts, and aliens. Now I and many others believe that our and other governments around the world work with these jinns to get control over nations and for what some people think a new world order. Many muslims also believe that jinns live with us and talk to us in our heads. They also believe that they are all around us and have incredible technology and travel in space and just do everything you hear about what aliens, ghosts, and demons do. They are a creation from God. God is way more powerful than they are and it says in the quran (our Islamic bible I guess you could say) that if they hurt humans or communicate with us or hurt each other then they go to hell. Any of them that talk to you or whatever are to not be trusted. Islam says all this and prooves their existence. That's up to you to believe. But also get this. In my religion Satan or iblis as we Muslims call him is a jinn. He is the leader.now not all jinns are bad, and many variy in religious views but most of them are jelouse of human beings. Because God created us. Now besides all that, I strongly advise you looking more into jinns and discover this truth for yourself. There are ways to keep them out of your house.

Posted : Mon 12 Nov 2012 23:06
This experience occurred on the Tue 16 Mar 2010 03:00
This experience lasted between 30 minutes and an hour
This experience has occurred only once.
Gulf Breeze, Florida, United States of America
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