Elusive intruder Ghosts Photographic Anomalies In Clovis, United States of America January 1970

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Elusive intruder

The story behind this picture taken on 11/15/11 at 3:56 MN time. This old building abandoned for an X number of years belongs to the family of a good friend; the security guards of the neighboring buildings had -in several ocassions- reported suspicious activity in the empty bulding and when the police officers come to search and ready to make an arrest for trespassing, there is nobody inside the building which by the way is totally empty with no furniture and no place to hide.
With that in mind I asked permission to shoot a few pictures, and in one of those appears a face on a window glass, it is not my reflection because when shooting I always got the camara in front of my face.
The picture presented today was taken in an empty small office -8 by 8 ft- and I was the only human being inside, 0672.a is the original picture; 0672.ab is a cut-out for a better viewing, and 0672.abc is a cut-out with the light manipulated for clarity.
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Not sure what it is,i do see a figure like a skeleton i see the rib cage,strange!

Posted : Mon 28 Jan 2013 22:16
This experience occurred on the Tue 15 Nov 2011 00:00
This experience lasted between 1 and 5 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
Clovis, New Mexico, United States of America
Added : Fri 18 Nov 2011 04:36
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