A falling baby caught twice by the same man coincidence fate luck Detroit Joseph Figlock

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A falling baby caught twice by the same man.


In Detroit sometime in the 1930's, a young mother must have been eternally grateful to a man named Joseph Figlock. The baby's fall was broken and both man and baby were unharmed.

This was a massive stroke of luck on its own but, a year later, the very same baby fell from the very same windnow onto a poor, unsuspecting Joseph Figlock as he was again passing beneath.

Again they both survived the event.

One careless but fortunate mother I would say.

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I would say a mircale,that was no coincidence,amazeing!

Posted : Tue 29 Jan 2013 00:10
This experience occurred on the Fri 28 Jan 2011 00:00
This experience has occurred only once.
Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
Added : Fri 28 Jan 2011 14:46
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