My Near Death Experence Out Of Body Experiences Near Death Experiences In Montreal, Canada January 1970

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My Near Death Experence

MY near Death Experence
Not sure if this qualifies as near death experence, but when I first arrived in Montreal I was quite nieve about the ways of the world. I was born in a small city in Nova Scotia, called Sydney. The unemploymet rate is very high so when I was 18 I packed my bags and headed for the big city. I knew a friend that was living there already and was staying there temperaryly till I got my own place. I got a job right away the city was rocking back then.

About one month after being there we went out to a bar for a few beers, a few to many I don't drink so i got really drunk, and wanted to leave. My buddy stayed. I went to a resturant on my way home, I ate but it didn't help, just wanted to get home to sleep. I left the resturant, I did not live far away so i walked. That was my "big mistake". Anyway on the way home I was still a little drunk. I was just turning the corner when a car stopped an 4 guys get out still stupid me saw nothing wrong with this. They asked for a cigarette I said I don't smoke, then asked if I had any money. Still I was not clued in in to what was going down. I guess part booze part to trusting. Anyway then I was being draged in an alley way by two of them and two were tring to go through my pockets, I just started to hollar stop, when "pow" right in the nose, and I passed out.

I must of come too with in a few seconds because they had their hands in my pockets. I pretended I was still knocked out. They had me up against a wall, so with all my might I lunged the guy right in front of me, pushed and jumped right on his shoulders and ran as fast as I could. I ran about 40 feet an colapsed out cold. A few seconds went by an I hear thier foot steps running up behind me. With all my strengh I forced myself up and ran again, this time I kept running even when I started passing out. I went out running and don`t remember hitting the ground this time, but it was getting worse. I was getting partialy blind and was now panicking. Luckly they gave up and took off back to their car.

A good samaritan phoned the police. I could no longer move with out help. I kept passing out every 20 to 30 seconds then comming to again, this happened all the way to the hospital.

Now this is where I think I might of had a near death experence. I remember being on an operateing table and a doctor giving me an injection and everything felt more better now lke fadeing away. Then I remember seeing just white pure ultra white, then I though I could see somthing. I tried hard to see through the light, but could not see what was there. Then everthing started fadeing very quickly, it frightened me. It got darker very fast, next thing I remember I am looking down at the doctors and me laying on the operating table. I remember watching them do the operation on me and I can discribe exactly what they did. The operation took a long time but seemed like seconds. I don`t remember rentering my body, just waking up in another hospital room. The doctor told me I was a very luck young man. He said when I got hit a bone fragment (splinter) drove up an perced my brain, that was why I was passing out every few seconds, and another sixteenth of an inch I would have died. Well I had plastic surgery to repair the damage, but the emotional scars remain. I do forgive them though, but they were never caught. I have lost a litte trust, but not my faith in my fellow brothers and sisters. Good will always triumph over evil I do believe this!  Well that was my NEAR DEATH EXPERENCE!

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This experience occurred on the Sun 22 Jun 1975 00:00
This experience lasted between 4 and 8 hours
This experience has occurred only once.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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