They come at night - my abduction story Ghosts Poltergeists

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They come at night - my abduction story

I've included several life changing events, not a complete list by any means.

Will we receive three educations, one from our parents, one from our school-masters, and one from the world.

The third contradicts all that the first two teach us.
•Charles Louis de Secondat, Barron de Montesquieu,

One of the most profound events in my life occurred on a visit to Washington State; I still lived in another state at the time, with my future wife and mother-in-law. We had spent the day sightseeing the countryside, my mother-in-law was driving, my wife was in the passenger seat and I was in the backseat by myself. It was dark by now, and as we came around the corner I noticed a colored lights hovering by a farmhouse near the right side of road up ahead.

My wife and her mother were chatting in the front seat didn’t notice the lights but I was fixated on them. As we drew closer, structure in the light was formed, now I noticed a definite triangle shape. We approached a stop sign and took a right; we are now driving parallel to the farmhouse which is directly ahead on my right. At some point I noticed my wife and mother-in-law were no longer speaking, and they didn’t seem to be moving either.

I was still moving freely about in the backseat of the car, filled with overwhelming excitement, which troubled me, but that feeling of excitement continued. I began to think this is a UFO, I’m actually seeing a UFO, what an amazing story I will have. But then other thoughts came into mind, what if I never see my family again, and then thoughts of feeling okay about it, if it happened, which troubled me even more.

Time seemed to slow down outside the car, inside the car I was moving just as fast as I normally would, but outside it was like slow motion. Just to the right of the car, the triangle craft is now no more than 10 yards away, eye level and hovering motionless. The car is still driving straight on the road, I’m looking at my wife and mother-in-law but they are still not moving, but the car seems to be driving its self just fine. There was a blackness, a shadow that was darker that the rest of them, which covered their faces as they sat motionless. I noticed three tight beams of white light emanating from below the craft in circular patterns, of the circumference no more than 5 feet. My initial thought at the time was they must be taking samples but soon after the three white beams stopped.

Outside the car, time has now slowed substantially; I’m looking at the triangle craft which is at eye level to the car. I am struck by the corners of the craft which are transparent and florescent colors of light are crashing against it. Yellow, green and red I remember distinctly. Though the florescent colors of light crashed against the transparent corners of the craft, they did not mix when another color seem to smash in and take its place. They seem to displace one another as if separate objects, though clearly made of some kind of liquid light. It was a violent crashing of something against the surface; though at no time during this experience did I ever hear a sound, except for what I myself was creating by moving about in the backseat of the car.

As the car eventually moved beyond the point at which the craft stood, midair and motionless, and I’m looking through the back window I see something extraordinary. Like a three frames of a stop motion movie, where there are three distinct arcs of movement that could be made out, the craft went from where it once was to directly above the car, ten feet or so above in an instant. The three frames I referred to earlier was the original position of the craft, a 45° angle pitch shift of the craft, and then the final position directly above myself. In between these three frames was an outlying disturbance trail of some kind when it made this split-second movement.

I’m looking directly up at it now; out the back window, no more than ten feet above the roof, with a slight counterclockwise rotation, but otherwise motionless and keeping pace with the car which still seems to be driving itself just fine. Underneath the craft was completely smooth, no seems, as if one piece of material but I was looking for a hole or something that would explain where those beams were emanating from, but I could not find anything of note.

I began to notice things in the air around me start to appear and fade out, twinkling’s of light. Sparkles that lasted perhaps five or 10 seconds each, I noticed no discomfort from them at any time and they were all around me. The excitement had built up to frenzy by now, I was moving about in the back of the car, checking the front passengers every now and again but there status never changed. Once more I began to wonder if I would ever see my family again, if this craft would take me and not bring me back but feeling comfort if I didn’t.

The next moment, it’s daytime, I’m still in the car, I can hear the ladies conversing about something and laughing as I “woke up”. Suddenly I remember what happened the instant/night before and I looked out the back window and to my surprise the triangle craft was there, next to the farm house I remembered the night before. I immediately yelled to stop and turn the car around. My mother-in-law complied and once the term had completed we all three noticed the craft.

It makes a slow ascent, a very gradual 45% angle, we followed it for miles all the while asking what could it be, surely there were military bases around and that must be it. We continued to follow; and it took its sweet time. I believe it wanted to be seen. I had certainly been witness to the craft’s abilities to make quick movements, but it had no intent of hurrying home. Eventually we lost it in the clouds.

The only thing I remember after that was everyone being sick. We were sick for days in bed following this event, and we never discussed this event after we recovered. Which I find quite curious, but life continued on for many years before I finally made the realization of what it happened. Lying in bed one night the thought of the craft came again, it was night I noticed at the beginning of the memory and day at the end of the memory with nothing in between. At least 18 hours or more of lost time had occurred. It was late in the day when we three saw the craft. I estimated that it was between 9pm and 10pm when the event started and between 4pm and 5pm when ended. I would not make this connection with the loss in time until 15 years later or so. Once I understood the profound nature of what had occurred and the fate that could have been.

Another thing I’ve noticed, I struggle with time. I have great difficulty with it for some reason. My best guess is because I’ve spent parts of my life out of time, death and abduction, that normal life seems less real to me somehow. My short term memory is shot, and my long term memory seems to be dependent upon the right question being asked to unlock the information.

They Come at night

Everything God creates manifests itself to Man sooner or later. Sometimes God confronts him with the devil and the spirits in order to convince him of their existence.

From the top of Heaven, He also sends the angels, His servants. Thus these beings appear to us, not in order to stay among us or become allied to us, but in order for us to become able to understand them.

These apparitions are scarce, to tell the truth. But why should it be otherwise? Is it not enough for one of us to see an Angel, in order for all of us to believe in the other Angels?
•Paracelsus and the Elementals

I became aware of the “visitors” who came at night. Three events I recall, each time, I always knew when to start watching the windows. Always a single being, but I will refer to it as they for accuracy. I have found it’s unwise to assume any piece of evidence at face value, especially when it comes to the paranormal, that just because a single being is consciously recalled on each of the three brief encounters, that it came alone. Further, what if instead of the same, single being consciously recalled, it was three different beings that happen to look similar? They were obviously humanoid but not human, hairless, with exaggerated limbs, unnatural in movement, but still humanoid. What did they want with me? What part did my mini-

life review play into these visits; did I stand out somehow because of something carried back with me? Perhaps a vibrational change, or did I already stand out even before I was born? What is the mechanism for locating me? What is so special about me, that they feel so compelled to come?

The first occasion happened a night of a sleepover with a friend. I’ve not shared this experience with that friend yet, so he will remain nameless. His mother went to nursing school with mine and we soon became fast friends. I remember he’d walk in his sleep and I observed him on this night go into the kitchen and make himself a snack, eat it and return to bed in the same sleep state. I remembered being told never to wake a sleep walker for fear of shock when awoken, or something like that, so I only observed silently. I even followed him into the kitchen and he seemed unaware of my presence. Not soon after he returned back to his bed on the floor I began to feel something, and I turned my attention to the windows.

My friend was sleeping as I said, but I was sitting up, looking at the windows with an unmatched focus. Two windows of rectangular shape, transparent with white sheer curtains, I stopped blinking, complete focus, studying the windows, and now something begins its accent into to view. So gradual and deliberate, motionless in its motion upward, unnatural, perfect movement without waste or sway, hairless head followed by an extended neck, and then shoulders. It was motionless now; it stopped just as deliberately as it rose. I stared at it with intent, with some fear but not overwhelming, I kept my gaze fixed. I was dumbstruck and shocked but still able to keep my wits. The duration wasn’t long but powerful; soon it began to descend just as slowly and purposely as it arose. The unnatural movement was as startling as the figure itself. I have no memory of what happened afterwards.

On two other occasions, I was in my bedroom when they would come, and I’d be waiting for them with my eyes fixed. I could sense when they were coming, but instead of coming up from below the window as before, it slowly came into view from the side of the window, floating apparently sideways on the side of the house. My reaction to each of these encounters was to only watch the window long enough to see their heads, then I quickly hid under my covers, and would pretend to be asleep, and hope they went away. I was afraid on these 2 encounters, very afraid, I was praying for help as hard as I could, and both times I would blackout shortly after my attempt to fool them, with no memory of anything after that.

It was fairly common to wake up with my pillow covered with blood in the mornings. I was taken to doctors, who thought I must be vitamin deficient. In any event, I never mentioned the visitors to my family or friends, thought of thought of them often, and still do almost daily. I’ve since found that nose bleeds are common side effect with the abduction experience. This is caused by implants high in the nasal cavity or centered in the brain itself. I began to feel a little less afraid when I began to understand that whatever was being done with me, I was always brought back, at least so far, so why let the fear overtake me. I refused to be afraid, but fear was there in great amounts. They took me but didn’t keep me. They could have kill me, but didn’t. I then made the choice to take comfort in this. It was the only way I could keep the fear at bay.

There were side effects to these visits, beyond the blood soaked pillows, and I experienced it over and over whenever I was sick. Each time it was exactly the same, and I mean exactly. I’d be in great pain and the room would spin, always spinning, and I’d see the being in the window, the one from my 1st encounter followed by a fuzzy type of puzzle. The puzzle made the room spin more and I’d see multilayered lines of color both intersecting and distinct from one another. The lines would flow outward from the center in 4 directions and then loop and star over, they were both out of focus and in focus but not all at the same time. The fuzzy puzzle I called it and the being in the window. I hated the way the puzzle made me feel. Sick to my stomach and relentlessly long. Sometimes I’d be in bed for days. I wanted to dizziness to stop, please stop it God I’d ask, but this was how it was to be when I got sick.

Around the same time began hearing knocking sounds, at the crown of my skull, every time I ran or jumped. It was very similar to the sound a marble makes inside a can of spray paint. Every jolt would cause it to knock. Often when I ran, this was like a counter of sorts, clicking away my steps; I’d just count the knocks. This lasted for several years then went away.

I also discovered something in my left ear lobe, in the center, the fleshy part. The skin was undamaged and seemed unaffected by it. I’m unsure how long it had been there, before I discovered it, as it was causing no discomfort. It didn’t take much pressure to pop it out, I just pushed a little on each side, and the skin seem to open up around it, with no blood and the void where it was, closed immediately after it was dislodged, leaving no damage to the skin. It was about the size of a baby aspirin; an irregular shaped ball, orange and yellow in color. As I examined it between my thumb and first finger, it began to evaporate, perhaps 60 seconds passed, before all that was left was a filmy substance between my fingers.

Repeating thoughts through my adolescence, I say thoughts, because they were thoughts, but I could tell they were not my own. Thoughts of; your special, stay hidden, don’t show what you can do, and don’t stand out. It was a feeling I got with the thoughts, the thoughts had a vibration, which was detectible. I could sense emotion in others, and in animals, for as long as I can remember. Perhaps this same gift aided my detection of the intervening thoughts, thoughts I wasn’t supposed question, or, did they desire my awareness of them when they communicated?

The Living Orbs

There are some things which possess form but are devoid of sound, as, for instance, Jade and stone.

Others have sound, but are without form, such as wind and thunder. Others again have form and sound, such as men and animals.

Lastly, there is a class devoid of both, namely devils and spirits,
•Ham Wen’gong, Han Dynasty

One night as a boy traveling with my mother and sister, during the 2 hour drive back from my grandmother’s house, I noticed a star on the horizon. It was just above the mountain side and a bright brilliant white. I was drawn to this star and did not take my eyes off it. Miles passed and the star seemed to be keeping pace with the car. Miles more and the star seemed to defiantly be getting closer to the car. I was sure this wasn't the case, but closer it came. I remember telling my mother that a star was following us, but what could she do but continue to drive and think this was the imagination of a boy. The star is now very close to the car and getting bigger and slowly passed directly above our car, perhaps 20ft or so from the ground. It was a brilliant white, approximately 10 feet across, perhaps larger. I was amazed by this experience. What was that? That was awesome I thought! Where did it come from and why did it decide to pass over our car?

More recently, about 3 or 4 years ago while driving with my boys back from a family reunion; we noticed a flashing white light in the sky. Like a strobe, bright and short pops of existence, then a solid white orb was just there floating in the air. We stopped the car and parked beside the highway, there was still daylight and traffic was normal, but we were the only ones to pull over and watch it.

The single white light began to sway back and forth as if wind currents were impacting its ability to maintain a stable flight. The white light began to flash a brilliant blue and back to white. This repeated back and forth, the color changing increased speed back and forth from blue to white and then in an instant, it changed to solid brilliant blue. It began floating downward, the blue orb still seemed impacted by air currents which tossed it about, when suddenly in an instant it became six orbs of light, equal in the size of the original and to each other, five blue orbs connected in a line with space in-between each with the sixth orb being a brilliant violet color half centered above the middle of the 5 blue ones. These 6 new orbs began to move as one object, you could see daylight between them and they were obviously not connected. They were huge, perhaps 10 feet or more across each. The orbs had a neon glow about them, you could see constant activity both on the outer surface which was darker but also partially transparent, and in inner of the object was solid and teaming with activity as well. The surface would transform as if small parts of the inside were coming to the surface, which were brighter than what it replaced, the surface of the sun, ever changing.

These newly joined orbs began swaying back and forth, a rocking motion, tilting from one side to the other as it descended; it seemed this new form it assumed, one with six orbs, was better equipped to negotiate through the wind as it approached. My older son jumped out of the car to take pictures and managed to get a shot of the single orb in its blue form on his game device. My younger son and stayed in the car and I became overcome with excitement.

I was flashing my headlights and honking the horn, not the wises thing to do in retrospect as this could very easily have been construed as aggressive behavior on my part, but I couldn't seem to help myself, waving at them with my hands in excitement. I was ill most of the time on this outing, and spent much of it in bed instead of with family, the exhaustion was too much for me, but I felt it was important to give my boys the experience, so I toughed it out. I was very sick on the drive back home, miserable, and very depressed, but seeing these orbs seemed to rejuvenate me, it was like someone saying we care. Don’t give up, stay strong. These were thoughts I had at the time. There was a wonderful feeling that accompanied the thoughts. I was thankful for them allowing me to see them, and humbled by their presence for some reason.

It then descended out of view below the trees just in front of us, and my older son got back into the car. And we began the drive back very excited by what had just happened, as we began passing over a bridge next to the trees where the orbs had just descended, we noticed they were waiting there for us, sitting motionless next to the bridge we were on. I could have jumped out and touched them with my hands; they were that close, the car was filled with light emanating from them. I came away with the definite impression that this entity or entities were alive, not a probe or mechanical manifestation.

Soon after this incident, I began to research orbs of light and came across a curious bit of information, it seemed quite far fetched, but after my personal experiences, I figured I’d check it out. What was suggested? It said that if you had seen orbs in person, to go back through your old photographs, and look for evidence of them there. That the orbs would be traveling back in time, to be with you in the past. So I pulled up the photos we had on our computer from years past and began to search. It didn't take long to start spotting them. At first, just a few in a picture here and there, but then there were other pictures that seemed flooded with orbs of all sizes. Some pictures are completely covered with orbs, something we would have noticed on the many occasions we’ve looked at them in the past, but here they were.

I started flagging all the pictures with orbs and categorizing them and when I was finished we had just under a hundred with clear orbs. The interesting thing is there are other pictures taken at the same time, during the same event like opening Christmas gifts or Birthdays, where some had orbs and some didn't. The classic skeptic believes them to be dust particles, except dust doesn't come and go between shots of the same event at the same time.

The more joyous the event the more orbs present in the pictures. The curious bit of information about finding the orbs in past pictures also said they are attracted to joy and creativity. The orb in all like hood is our non-physical form in 3d space when not in the body. It is the most economical.

Thinking back on my childhood mini-life review, I mentioned that I could not find a light source in the blackness that would account for how the walls to each side were lit up so brightly. My best guess is the light I was observing was being emitted from me, in an orb form.

Something this morning reminded me of a common experience, waking up with bruises, sometimes major portions of my forearm, or bicep, or a leg, with deep discoloration was common, with no memory of how I got them. I wasn’t bothered by pain that I can remember from those bruises; most times someone else would point them out. This became a running joke at work, everyone assumed I must have been drinking and had fallen unaware.

Today, I can’t walk on my right ankle, no memory of anything that would cause it from the day before. I’ve wrapped an ace bandage over my sock to add stability, and I can walk short distances, but it’s a type of pain I’ve not experienced. I’ve broken my left ankle three times and my right once, with twists and sprains in-between, so I have some knowledge of intense pain and I seem to have a high tolerance for it. For example I played half a season of football with a broken tibia. I’d take myself out for a play or two when it would pop out of place but this new pain is more intense and I cannot locate where it’s originating from. It’s just extreme and radiating.

Scoop marks and scrape marks, protrusions under the skin I’ve got them all. I came upon some information while investigating this phenomenon; that the Catholic Church inspected citizens for both scoop and scrape marks, this was to identify those who had been consorting with the Devil. I found this both disturbing and intriguing. The Inquisition reveals the Church had foreknowledge of man’s contact with beings not of this realm and such interactions were worthy of death, contact was deemed a threat to Catholic Church. The Bible is filled with accounts, of contact with angels, demons and god, but accounts not documented in said book, were deemed heresy, punishable by death.

I don’t consider myself an evil man, quite the opposite, and will not defend myself further. My experiences were not of my choosing, at least, not at a conscious level, but judgment would have been final and swift, for my “sin” through association.

Today, many in the church still feel the same way, about those who come forward with stories of paranormal contact of any kind, spirits unknown must be Demons. It’s perplexing that the religious book or books, he or she rely on to make said judgments, are full accounts that would clearly fall under the same umbrella. I find this view hypocritical, offensive and ignorant in equal parts. My heart goes out to all the victims of contact, both in the past, dealing with it currently and those whose experiences have not yet become known. It is most difficult to be judged through no fault of your own. Not only those who were deemed infected by demons, by means of physical evidence on the victim of such contact, but anyone unlucky enough to be accused were burned to death, kill them all and let god sort it out. My sons would also suffer the same fate of death at the hands of the church. I have grown to loath organized religion for obvious reasons.

I’ve have something in my lower right leg, just below the knee for about a year and a half. It’s a solid mass, which is painful to touch, but causes no discomfort if I leave it alone, I forget it’s there. X-rays were fruitless and only revealed the obvious, “it’s not bone” the Dr. offered, and “nothing is wrong with the leg bone”, but no explanation for the mass, about 2 inches long, half an inch wide, lateral but dipping down on one side. I tend to look on the bright side of things, I’m thankful the church as lost influence over our rule and said judgments, and for those current experiencers of contact, always remember, it could be worse right.

When death comes – My experience with death and life review

I was four or five when death came for me. It was slow, planned it seemed, and I remained conscious through-out, even after the blackness overcame me.

There was a transition to be sure, but it was momentary, like slipping off an over-coat and I was elsewhere.

Above and below me there was still blackness, but to the left and right, white light and some-kind of boundary or surface.

I began to notice that I had no body, I felt more like a pair of eyes, I was being pulled or pushed forward along the black path.

I felt no pain and I realized that was left with the physical, there was no sound, but retained all my memories and my personality was also intact.

The fidelity shift that occurs when one crosses over is staggering and takes a minute to get used to. What we call reality is a dull knock off, like comparing the old silent films to blue ray.

One each side of me, endless rows of what looked like living poles with view screens at the top, moving as one, to face me.

3 or 4 rows deep, stair stepping upwards, a few feet high, and they continued to move, adjusting themselves to make sure I always had the perfect view, as I was continually pushed forward.

Each screen had different snapshots of my life back on earth. Mini-movies all playing at the same time, but my attention was drawn to my left, a particular movie and screen, I was playing in my front yard back on Earth.

Just then I was pulled toward the screen, my focus was acting as a magnet, I was getting closer to it and quickly, soon I crashed through the screen, no pain or sensation but a bit disorientating, and then I was back on Earth, in my front yard.

I was still non-physical, a 3rd party viewing myself and everything from a new, non-local perspective. I had freedom to move about, to observe both myself and my surroundings.

I noticed my body, trying to catch bees with jar, there was a bubble bee near the lid opening. I was about to catch it.

This was something I enjoyed doing as a child for some reason, I only kept the bees for an hour or two before releasing, but I loved to study them.

I felt myself drawn towards the jar as my focus was now on the bee, I shrank down and sat next to the bee for a bit before returning back to the moving black path.

Next thing I remember, I’m back in my living room, hovering above where death had left me. I see my body in the arms of an older boy I didn’t know, who had just choked me to death, and very slowly.

I mentioned slow and deliberate, that it was. There was a time when he paused, and I could tell he was looking around to make sure no one was around, then the slow squeeze began.

An older brother friend, high school aged, tall, skinny, strong.

I struggled best I could but made no progress. Once the airway was fully blocked it didn’t take much time before I slipped away. There was some pain but it was not great.

Hovering from above I was drawn back down and into my body. This happened in the blink of an eye. I “awoke” having never lost consciousness, couching and grabbing my neck.

The older brothers friend began acting very uncomfortable. I was still acclimating to the body, the physical, I didn’t talk and really didn’t feel any animosity towards the boy. I still don’t.

My family had shown back up in the living room and were all laughing and talking. This boy got out of my house as quick as he could. He looked frightened, disoriented and shocked.

Perhaps he was just an unwitting tool to deliver the lesson, some type of possession he just awoke from, or was I not suppose to come back?

I say “lesson” because I’ve had a lifetime filled with them in different forms, all of them paranormal. I plan to share more of my experiences in later posts, all of them have taught me valuable lessons about the seen and unseen worlds.

Observations of the other side, I remember thinking even as a boy that there was something mechanical about the other-side, the semi-physical realm.

This realm takes into account the expectations of the consciousness it is ministering. So rest assured, or beware, what you believe about the afterlife will be provided for you, this is part of the program.

I’m going to mention Aliens now, which might seem out of place, but I assure you they are quiet on topic.

Aliens are in fact inter-dimensional beings, semi and non-physical. Archons if you will.

There are others who have shared their near-death experiences and interacted directly with what we call Aliens. This was on the TV Series Beyond and Back.

After drowning in a river, with her son, she was suddenly aboard some type of craft. She was at a table but had no body, there were 6 beings at the table, 3 on each side.

On the table she saw herself back on Earth just prior to the crash, and one of the beings reached out and flicked her vehicle into the river.

It was the beings on the other side of the tables turn to make a move. There was a game afoot, moves and counter-moves by unseen principalities.

There exists a relationship between the inter-dimensional beings and the death realm that I will explore in future posts.

Thanks for listening,


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Very interesting, and a most harrowing experience my friend, and wishing you well, looking forward to your future thoughts on the subjects!
All the best Robin

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