watching them watching me. UFO's Sightings January 1970

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watching them watching me.


In November of last year, I was at my mates house looking after his dog. It was 1pm in the afternoon, I had gone into the kitchen to roll and smoke a cig outside. As I was rolling this cig, I was looking out the kitchen window, when I could see what I first thought was a very large binliner, or a large crane bird being tossed around in the air above.

What made it odd,was that it would appear and then reaper in the air. I then went outside, and looked at this thing more intently. As I obsereved this thing, I began to realize that it was neither of what I thought it was, but something else. It was maintaining its own height, yet was being flipped backwards and forwards very fast and very roughtly, with each flip i could see that the underpart was of a black colour, yet the topside being that of a silvergrey to bleuish colour. The weather conditions on that day were very heavy clouds, with a lot of upper winds, but no decernable ground winds and raining.

This object was or seemed to me to be in a lot of trouble, with the way it kept being tossed around. At first I thought it was of a triangular shape, but the more I looked, the more I could tell that it was of a circular construction. This object was about 200/300 ft above me, at a distance of 150ft away,the terrain is that of open farmland and rough, with a large amount of trees directly in front.

Anyway this object continued to travel towards me, but it had altered its position, so that the complete front now faced me, and its underside facing into the upper wind. As I continued to look at this thing, I became aware that it was just stationary free floating in the air. I for some reason became aware that I was watching whatever this craft was, whilst being observed myself.

My mate was in the lounge, so I called to him to come out, i tried to point out what it was I was looking at, and to see if he too could see it, but due to it facing into the clouds, he was unable to do so.

I observed this thing,then begin to move forwards away from me and over the tress, as I did so, I could see this thing giving off a corona around its own shape, like that of the moon covering the sun, but in a coloured circular fashion. It continued to move away until it was out of my sight and range ,and mixed within the clouds.

This occurred over a period of 30 mins, I reported this to MUFON, and uploaded this tale to them, I was subsequently contacted by one of their reporters for further details ect, to which I replied.

I do belive that whatever this craft was, it was under svere difficulties, and if I hadn't been around may have landed, but just like my surprise at seeing it, whatever it was, it was surprised that I was watching it. There is large expanses of open ground, big enough for something to land, this thing would have been about 100 feet wide,the open ground, being thousand of feet in expanse.



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This experience occurred on the Tue 11 Aug 2015 00:00
This experience lasted between 20 and 30 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
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