alien encounter UFO's Abductions In Bradford, United Kingdom January 1970

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alien encounter


It was sometime in the 1980. like usual, I had gone to bed and fallen asleep.The next thing, I was wide awake and outside, stood in line in a wooded clearing. Along with me were a lot of other people of differing ages, from the very young, to the very elderly, and of both sexes.The line was moving forwards and I could see a large craft of the usual circular type that most people call ufos. A woman, stood in front of me in her early fourties, asked me if I had met one of the tall grey beings. Not knowing what she was talking about, I replied No.The next thing, Im inside this carft. As I looked around I could see no form of windows, only metallic looking walls going all around me.

Directly in front of me were two little seats, shaped like WASP Seats that you get in cars, like one I used to own BUCKET SEATS. In front of this I could see a manifold/console and upon this there were two sunken/cast small hand imprints, for some reason I knew that this was how this craft was flown. The next thing I'm aware of being in the air, yet I couldn't see anyone else around or near me. Suddenly a voice spoke to me,saying "ITS TIME YOU LEARNT MORE ABOUT THINGS". I was aware of a being to the side of me, fully dressed in a pale blue Monks Habit and hood. I couldn't dicern any hands or face or anything. The next thing , I'm shown into a room, the only thing within it was a was a large metal operating table. Upon this and floating upwards were two coils stretching upwards, and intertwining with each other. This I now know was an holographic image of the D.N.A sequence. To which I was told, that they, this being and company were making a UNIVERSAL BEING..

The next thing I'm being shown around a lot of cages, within these were individual entities, of different sizes, temperaments and species.although this felt like an outside enclose, i knew I hadn't left this craft. At no time was anything explained to me as to why,what for,or reason for their incarceration.

Then I'm back inside the first room, from nowhere, the walls of this craft become transparent, and I could see that we were flying up and through a major city, It was nightime,and I could see traffic moving below, and buildings and skyscrapers as we flew past. We reached an outcrop of open terrain, very rugged, very rocky. I was fully aware of people below, these were of eastern Asian origin. Some of them running away in absolute fear, others hiding amongst the rocks, some stood motionless, whilst others just happily taking pictures of whatever they were observing. I don't know if they could see me, but I could see them very well, the ground below being illuminated like daytime, from below this craft.

This being, that spoke to me earlier, told me that they as a species, had lived on this planet many,many years before we had, and like we have started to do, they left to explore space. Upon their return, they had found that this planet we called earth, had been overrun by other entities that had come form space, and overtaken it. They then had to live outside of the planet. The odd thing was that this entity knew we called our planet EARTH, but it refered to it as DIAMOND 1. This is what makes me think this was just an odd dream. The other thing this entity told me was that there were 24 species of non terrestrial entities vsiting this planet of ours, and that we as humans were the 25th species within this galaxy. After that I woke up in bed as normal the next morning.



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Interesting they sound like interdimensional beings! The information they gave you seems correct, i would say you had an alien experience, also they did not seem to harm you, which is good! Let us know if anything else happens!

Posted : Mon 9 Jan 2017 19:17
I read yesterday,about an elderly lady in Arizona,who had two beings outside her bedroom window.These beings,were also covered head to toe in a brown monks type habit.

Posted : Sun 28 Feb 2016 13:30
This experience occurred on the Sun 06 Jan 1980 00:00
This experience lasted between 4 and 8 hours
This experience has occurred only once.
Bradford, York, United Kingdom
Added : Mon 22 Feb 2016 22:09
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