Someone lives in my pictures Natural Yet Unexplained Other Weird Stuff... In Charlotte, United States of America January 2016

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Someone lives in my pictures


I'm not much of a drawing type artist but I do dabble here and there. To get to my story, mid summer last year my cousin helped me finish a posterboard size picture of me and my soulmate, who's been coming to me in dreams and visions and even strange wide-awake situations (which are extrememly rare).

I wanted something more intimate of he and I and my cousin helped me finish it. I've kept it as close to my bed as possible and one night, not four-five months ago, i was woken up by something looming over my head.

It looked like an arm, flesh a blood arm but it was sticking out of the poster above my head. I'm fully 100% awake now and I'm paralyzed with fear and awe! I watched, as the part of the picture that is my soulmate, is going back into the poster! I saw his head and arm and part of his body going back into the poster board!

There's no door orwindow behind the headrest of my bed! Just a solid wall! Once he went back into the picture, I sat up and looked at the picture, felt around on the picture and questioned everything in me that this had to be the work of my imagination! I told my cousin that I believe his art really does come to life which wasn't a surprise to him.

Just recently in the month of January 2016, it happened again but with the same picture and another picture that I have of He and I but this other picture is a lot older (2010) and I saw him coming out of that poster as well.

Is it weird that I've felt watched by my own posters (I don't get a bad feeling from them mind you)?




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That's pretty amazing! Wow you must be a sensitive, we all have the power to do this but it has been lost over the years! Meditation will make you even more capable of seeing into other demontions!

Posted : Mon 9 Jan 2017 19:38
This experience occurred on the Thu 14 Jan 2016 14:20
This experience lasted between 5 and 10 minutes
This experience has occurred only once.
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America
Added : Fri 29 Apr 2016 21:56
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