About us the creation concept of phenomenalog.com phenomena log

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About Us

The sky was blue, crystal clear, and the sun blazed down on this hot august day in Spain.
Reclining on my lounger, I obscured the sun’s glare behind my outstretched hands, feeling warmed and relaxed. My eyes were darting across the expanse. Not focusing on anything specific, they sky was clear, but just taking in the vastness of the blue.
For a split second I saw a flash. Then nothing...
Imagine standing at a tube station and a non stop train flies past, from one tunnel to the other. This is the best way to describe it.
I’d seen a long silver shape, like a bullet, flying, visible for less than a second.

My first thought was ‘did any one else see that?’ And my second ‘Is there a way to find out?’

Well now there is…

Phenomenalog.com has been created to provide a searchable log of the many thousands of weird or unexplained experiences that happen to us every day.
Phenomena log is the only site which enables you to search other people’s experiences by location, date, or type of event or story specifics.

Tell us your story today. www.phenomenalog.com